Akron Firefighter Charged with Heroin Possession

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AKRON-- Akron firefighter and paramedic Mark Hoffman has responded to hundreds of emergency calls since joining the department in August 2011.

But investigators say it was Hoffman who needed help, when his fellow firefighters responded to a 911 call from his home on Sunday afternoon.

Akron police spokesman Lt. Rick Edwards told FOX 8, "Officers and paramedics arrived, found a 27-year-old male laying on the kitchen floor. At that point, it appeared to be a heroin overdose, found the needle laying on the floor, and they found a bindle of heroin laying on the kitchen counter." After Hoffman was revived by paramedics and treated, he was charged with possession of heroin.

FOX 8 went to Hoffman's home to get his side of the story, but there was no answer at the door.

Among the questions the city of Akron is now trying to answer is whether Hoffman ever used heroin or was ever under the influence of the drug, while on duty.

Akron Fire Chief Rob Ross says Hoffman is now on sick leave, but that could change, because according to the chief, Akron safety forces have a zero tolerance policy for illegal drugs.

Police say the use of heroin is reaching epidemic proportions, a problem that a paramedic like Mark Hoffman would see on the job every day. "We respond to calls daily for either heroin where we're finding heroin in traffic stops in people's cars or people overdosing on heroin, and we've had multiple deaths as a result of an overdose of heroin," said Lt. Edwards.

Hoffman is scheduled to be arraigned next week on the heroin possession charge.


    • Kim grassel

      3 years ago, oct23, my son died on his kitchen floor of heroin overdose , he started by giving a dealer a ride to Dayton, he lived in Hamilton , he was supposed to paty h cash , but then started giving him the drug, my point I m getting to is he says this guys customers were doctors , lawyers, etc,they would meet at this park, I remember him telling me Mom, People you would never dream , would do this drug, he witnessed it firsthand, he had called for help, they said 3 weeks, 3 days from his appointment he died!!

    • Bryan

      Why don’t you have extensive reporting on Riz and then go to his home and pound on his door??? Now that’s entertainment.

      Public safety members are not exempt from social problems and it does not help the recovery efforts that this person needs by pasting his face all over the 6 oclock news. I would also like to know if any Federal HIPPA violations were violated by this news story.

      Great job Fox 8…..NOT

      • Cathy Russell

        Thank you, thank you, Bryan. You really said the ONLY thing that needed to be said. Will be praying for his recovery.

      • I Care

        I agree Bryan!! How about a story for recovery assistance programs or help lines for people that need help and don’t know how to ask for it. Maybe pulling dealers off the street instead of posting someones face on the news who has a long and difficult road to recovery ahead of them? I encourage Fox 8 to remember that one person’s story is another family’s heartache. I’d love to know how the information was retrieved for this story.

      • Amy

        You are right on, Bryan. People are so quick to say condescending remarks and judge him, clearly he does need help, I’m hoping for his sake that he can focus on getting better although he’s had this majorly public embarrasment. If only people TRULY treated substance abuse as a disease.

  • David Spondike

    I feel bad for the young man being publicly humiliated like this. Shame on you Fox8 News for reporting a man’s personal problems as news.

    I could understand you guys doing this if he was name calling on the internet.

  • mouth wide open

    AND! not one person out here dose not know what herion will do to you, soooo if your that stupid to put it in you, you deserve what you get… sorry so mean, but it is what it is..

  • FF/Medic

    Its amazing people OD on Herion everyday, and they do not make the news. A public servent has a problem and all of a sudden lets hang the guy that has helped Hundreds. I have worked with Mark as a Medic before he was on AFD. If only the public knew of the stress of the job. working 24 hrs stright, going on 20 calls in 24 hrs. dealing with people in their time of need, or the people that are just abusing the system, because they have a welfare card that says take me to the local ER. Going to a house fire that was arson because someone wanted to see a fire at 3am. This is our life. He made a bad choice, he needs help. Yes. but does not deserve to lose his job. He did not test positive on a City drug test.

  • S

    Why is Fox 8 going to this mans house for his side of the story? Obviously this young man needs help. Ok, print the story, but leave him alone and let him get better. He is going to lose his job and I am sure he feels horrible. Way to kick a guy when he is down even more..

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