Store Manager Maced As Shoplifters Make Off With North Face Jackets

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AKRON-- A local store manager is maced while trying to stop two shoplifters. Police are still looking for the women responsible.

Just before 7 p.m. Sunday, two women walked into the Dick's Sporting Goods store on Howe Avenue in Akron.

After several minutes, the store manager noticed something suspicious.

"Went over to a rack where they got North Face jackets. They had a big black, what appeared to be a purse, but probably a bag, started shoving all of the merchandise into the bag and then started to walk out of the store," said Akron Police Lieutenant Rick Edwards.

"That's the Grinch I guess," remarked one shopper.

But before they left, the store's manager and other employees confronted them.

"And when they did, all they said was-- they didn't put their hands on them, just put the bag down. We know you have our merchandise and one of the females turned around, pulled out of her purse a canister of mace and sprayed the manager with mace. At that point they ran out to a car that was waiting in the parking lot and away they went," said Edwards.

Akron police said the women got away with 18 North Face jackets, worth $2,000. Some holiday shoppers said they can't believe someone would do something like that.

"It stinks. It's not a very nice thing to do," said another shopper.

"The cost of our goods are higher because of people like that, but what can you say?" a shopper said.

Akron police said the store manager was not injured.

"Someone had a game plan. They knew exactly what they were gonna do, had their bags to put their merchandise in. They had a canister of mace. This wasn't something that she thought of just all of a sudden, let me get the mace out. They knew what they were doing," Edwards said.

Police describe the getaway car as a 1990 Maroon Toyota with a temporary license plate of Y002224.


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