Police: Man Shot and Killed During Robbery Attempt

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CLEVELAND– Cleveland police said a 28-year-old man was shot and killed just before 8 p.m., Monday night, on Lorain Ave.

A preliminary investigation reveals that three men walked up to the victim and another man and tried to rob them, according to police.

As they ran off, police say one of the men fired a shot, hitting the victim in the chest.

The suspects then reportedly took items from the victim and ran off.

The victim was taken to Fairview Hospital where he died.

Because of the investigation, RTA’s West Park Rapid Station was closed to cars and buses for a few hours, but it’s back open to vehicles.

If you have any information on the shooting, you’re asked to call the Cleveland Homicide Unit at (216) 623-5464.


  • jan

    what is wrong with people…. crime is way out of control…glad I have a ccw so I can at least have a chance to protect myself

  • Jake Hooskow

    I live a few blocks away from this crime. What has happened to my neighborhood of 50 years? I am going to buy a gun, get a CCW, and issue a warning: If any of you child-age thugs try to rob me I will shoot first and ask question later. You will not take control of my neighborhood. Go back under whatever rock you kids crawled out from under. No More!

  • Dave Warner

    Oh how I despise these “lowlifes”. They are the scum of this planet. Their very existence causes me to vomit. I can only hope that each and every one are someday dealt with in the very same manner that they have exacted on others. I hope that they feel the same fear, the same pain, and the sorrow that their actions have given birth to. I also hope that someday I might be so fortunate as to be in the right place, at the right time, to dispense to you ” my kind of justice”. I can only hope that you good people out there share my sentiments……

  • TG

    So did one of the burglary victims shoot one of the burglars or did one of the burglars shoot one of the victims ? Poorly written.

  • Kevin B.

    The criminals do not fear the police or the “justice” system. infact unless they spend time in jail they have no “street creds” but, what they do fear is a armed citizen. until the criminals are scared of the public these crimes will not stop. I’m sorry all you anti gun people but that is how it is.

    • S

      Stay the hell out of Cleveland. I won’t be caught there after dark.
      All this decay started back in the late 70’s.
      Was called, ‘forced busing’

  • Ivan

    What’s the problem? The three ghetto savages were just “celebrating diversity!” Like it or not, this IS what “diversity” brings to your neighborhood.

  • Theheiress

    The Westpark area has gone down the toilet…I live within walking distance of the Rapid & this is very scary. This was a good area 20 years ago when I moved here…NOT ANYMORE!!

  • James

    The cleveland police could care less either. This would only get solved if it were a white on black crime, & then it would be charged as a hate crime also. The murder at the galleria will also not get solved because they are too lazy to figure out her husband had something to do with it…..duhh-!

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