Local College Honors Nelson Mandela

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UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS, Ohio- John Carroll University paid tribute to Nelson Mandela with a special service in Saint Francis Chapel on the University Campus, Monday night.

The prayer service honored the life and legacy of the South African civil rights leader and former president who died Dec. 5 at the age of 95.

One speaker, Reverend Valentino Lassiter said he hoped the service would leave people remembering the most important aspects of Mandela's life. "A sense of peace and hope that Nelson spread forth and I think that was the main thing he left. That anyone can achieve. You don't have to be bound and that you can imagine and have spirit. All things can be accomplished."

Jeanne Colleran, Dean of the University's College of Arts and Sciences said, "Our students want to join, and our faculty with people around the world in remembering this man's courage, his unflaggable desire for justice and his almost unimaginable capacity for forgiveness."

She traveled to South Africa many times and taught many lessons about Mandela.

Also Monday, a movie about Mandela's life had an advance screening at the Shaker Square Cinemas. "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom" premieres Christmas Day at several theaters in the Cleveland area.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the film and CLICK HERE for more on Mandela's life and death.

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  • N J

    Mandela was a violent Communist, in spite of whatever redeeming qualities he may have had in his later years.

    Measuring him by any other standard is soft racism, along the lines of “Well, for Africa he was even tempered and non-genocidal”.

    It’s along the same lines as getting elected mayor and then receiving the Nobel Prize for not having the city planning commission shot for past opposition.

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