Food Drive for a Thief; Baristas Give Back

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STOW, Ohio – A coffee shop in Stow is teaching people the true meaning of holiday spirit.

Workers at the Nervous Dog Cafe pulled together Saturday to hold a food drive for a thief. A few weeks ago a man was caught on security cameras stealing from the barista’s tip jar.

At first, workers said they were upset, but after cooling down they decided that if the man was desperate enough to steal some tips, then he must have really been in need.

Instead of pressing charges, they decided to give the man all of the food they collect if he comes forward.

“We really came to conclusion that anyone who is willing to take from someone; a small local business. Clearly, people who are working for their money. To take from that person, he must have been in a place of need,” said barista, Emily Dee.

If the man does not come forward Saturday, the food will be donated to the Akron Canton Food Bank.

As of Saturday night, baristas said they had not seen the man.


  • you have issues

    He’s not needy…he is GREEDY…I true person in need if they are any kind of decent individual would NEVER stoop to stealing. DON’T GIVE HIM ANYTHING!

  • Joe Code stud

    I’ve been hungry, penniless and homeless in my life, yet never felt that because I was needy, I could steal. This is a skewed liberal view that poverty makes people criminals. Values are ingrained growing up. I now have a business in downtown and will fire anyone caught stealing.

    • Shane

      I don’t know why you jokers always need to bring conservative and liberal into everything. How about you stop fixating on political agendas and get a life.

    • Patricio Jose'quervo Byrne

      Are you saying that conservatives don’t steal. Hahahaha. The whole bunch of conservative legislators steal everyday. The fact that they accept pay for their biased tax legislation, which is essentially stealing from the poor to give to the rich, makes them candidates for the pokey in my humble opinion. Hahahahaha.

  • Seth Lyons

    They have way too much faith in the goodness within people these days… Some people just take because they want something, and care less who they hurt in the process.

  • Tom

    I think he may have more issues than being needy. I worked in one of the largest homeless shelters in Ohio foe seven years and I can tell you there is a difference in being needy and being desperate.

  • Open minded coffee sipper

    Let’s be honest, he likely won’t come forward and if that is the case the food is going to the Akron Food Bank which definitely is worth it. This became an excellent reason to have a food drive. Think of the bigger picture.

  • carol slates

    So everyone who steals from them will get food?? There are do many issues that they are not considering such as mental illness or drugs. There are plenty of food banks where he could get food. I am prejudging this person, but I don’t’ t think food was his agenda.

  • Perspective

    No matter his needs or wants, the baristas have chosen to take the high road of forgiveness and support. One or more people will benefit from their generosity of spirit and their holiday will be bettered. Bravo to you all!

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