New Locations of Traffic Cameras Announced

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CLEVELAND — The city has announced new locations for its Portable Camera Units.

The PCUs are moved periodically and their new positions are always made public.

They will be in these locations until Dec. 16:

  • 5300 Lorain Ave.
  • 6800 Block of Franklin Ave
  • 11400 Edgewater Ave.
  • 800 E. 140th St
  • 2400 Orange Ave.
  • 2300 St Clair Rd.
  • 17700 Euclid Ave.
  • 2600 N. Moreland Rd.
  • 6600 Fleet Ave.
  • 2900 Lorain Ave.
  • 9300 Denison Ave.
  • 3200 W. 65th St.


There are 49 fixed camera sites and 15 portable sites in Cleveland.


  • Jake Hooskow

    I don’t like tickets either…slow down and avoid them, like the rest of us do. It’s not a police state…they are trying to save lives. I know someone who got hit and run on by a speeder and their life is absolute crud now. SLOW DOWN FOOLS.

  • Vicki

    Just started working in Cleveland, recd 2 tickets from the camera – thought speed limit was 35, not 25, not posted until you reach the camera, nice way to welcome people to your town, now you know why no one wants to come to Cleveland, 4 lane highways have 25MPH – operation safe Cleveland, — why would we want to go 25MPH to have anyone be able to walk up to our cars in unsafe areas – no cameras to catch the murderer of Aliza Sherman – I appreciate law enforcement, but camera’s just to increase revenue should be illegal.

    • Trey VonZimmer

      Get yourself a firearm, learn how to use it, and carry it with you! Do not depend on others for your personal safety.

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