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(CNN) — Applebee’s is planning to add something new to its tables.

The restaurant chain wants to put tablet computers at every table.

It hopes to have the tablets in place at all of its U.S. restaurants by the end of 2014.

Customers reportedly will be able to use the tablets to order appetizers and desserts, pay for their meals and even play video games while they wait.

But, you’ll still have to go through a waiter to order your main dish.

Applebee’s isn’t the only chain looking to add new technology.

Chili’s restaurants are already working to put tablets at their tables, and IHOP is looking into doing the same thing.


  • Laura Keevan

    What about all the idiots that will intentionally misorder? What about people that don’t know how to use the tablet? Serving is a complex job-and as a server of 28+ years there is no way a tablet can replace what we do. This system will create chaos in the kitchen-it’s a stupid idea. By the way we make less than $4.00 an hour-is it really THAT much of a strain to pay us?

  • Barb Houmard

    What about germs/dirt/food on the tablets? Will they clean them properly between each patron? Will people use them with sticky/dirty fingers?

  • Joe Code stud

    Who will forget to fill your drinks and never bring you silverware when it falls to the floor. I’m still waiting for a red gill as we speak.

  • Heather

    The United States is already hurting on jobs, why would we want to brng in technology ( a device) to cut more jobs?? Serving is not just about the food you get, it’s about the conversations that are held, and total experience you receive from the time you walk in the resturant to the time you leave. How is a computer going to make your child feel special on their Birthday?? Also, special instructions will cause havoc. When orders come out wrong because they weren’t typed in correctly will cause angry customers. Servers will still need to bring food/ drinks out anyways so why not just hive each server their own computer. The only The only benefit is the business will have fewer staff members and the business will earn more money by getting rid of staff members. A server doesn’t usually see a paycheck from their work place. It pays taxes on the money servers make from our customers. Lets not make every thing in this world impersonal.

  • Robin faughner

    Bad idea, don’t we have enough non communication with other human beings ,now when we go out to eat,no interaction with other people. Bad idea,we tried this at Applebee’s when they were testing it out about a year ago. I work in the customer service industry as a hairdresser and when I go out to eat I would like someone,not a tablet,to give me the same great service I give to my customers.

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