Paul Walker Fans Call Game Show Puzzle ‘Insensitive’

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(Courtesy: CNN)

A puzzle on the first Wheel of Fortune episode that aired after Paul Walker’s death had an eerie connection to the actor.

The category was movie title.  The correct answer:  The Fast and the Furious.

In the movie franchise, Walker played an undercover police officer who became enthralled by street racing.

He died Saturday in Valencia, California when the Porsche he was in clipped a light pole and burst into flames.

Roger Rodas, a friend of his, also died in the accident.

When the Wheel of Fortune puzzle aired Monday, some of Walker’s fans found it to be insensitive, but the show calls it an “unfortunate coincidence.”

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According to the Wheel of Fortune Twitter account, the episode was taped in October.

The show also tweeted condolences to Walker’s family, friends and fans.

Host Pat Sajak added his perspective, tweeting he felt terrible about the timing.


  • Danielle

    That’s how it works…the people on the show waited to see THEIR show air…wouldn’t have been fair not to air it just because it had “The Fast and Furious” in the movie category!

  • janita

    It is too bad that the network did not pull the show for viewing at a later date. I don’t think it was done on purpose.

  • Bill

    What the hell is wrong with people. It said the fast and the furious. So what. Its not like it said Paul Walker died in a car crash. That would be insensitive. So what i am can not mention those movies for a while? We need to stop being so sensitive and coddling.

    • Nikki

      Very good point so stupid!! He should not have apologized. Everyone needs something to get angry about… They should be more worried about education and drugs…

  • Pitter

    More to life than what happens to these stars. Enough of the politically correct junk. These people need to get a thicker skin. Really now.

  • ebric188

    I think the people that think this showing was insensitive need to get a life. I think it is a honor that he was remembered for the show he stared in. Come on people celebrate his life not his death.

  • cassie

    last time I checked, people die every day. how about we care about the soldiers and children in other countries who die in hundreds every day. do you think Paul walker would of cared if you died???

    • Nancy Mitchell

      were u being a little harsh i am sure paul walker wouldnt have known if any of us would have died and thats not the point here. :( I believe u missed the reason for discussion – Just saying.

  • KristinaB

    As unfortunate as his death was ( my sincere condolences) I think the media is making something out of nothing. Everyday good people die… We don’t get our feathers ruffled if a game show mentions the armed forces, policemen, fire fighters, etc.- jobs people are dying every minute in. It’s not like the show said/did anything offensive! It was a movie title people!

  • Nancy Mitchell

    If anything it should have been a reminder to say a prayer for his child and other family members and close friends that lost someone very dear to them.everyone knows wheel-of-fortune is a family game and i feel sure there was no pun in what happened there will always be naysayers in the group somewhere could have been Gods way of reminding us to say a prayer for the family as well did anyone think about that. :)

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