I-Team: Suspension Cut Down for Officers Relaxing on the Job

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CLEVELAND-- An arbitrator has ruled that a six-month suspension for two officers caught relaxing for hours on the job is not in line with past practices, so he cut it way down.

The ruling shortens the discipline for two Cleveland officers from six months without pay to 30 days.

Our I-Team camera last year caught the officers spending time parked, and at times lounging with one officer putting his feet out the window.

We also found the two officers, Kevin Freese and Wesley Harris, falsified their duty reports. Their duty reports stated they were patrolling other areas at the same time our cameras caught them sitting.

The arbitrator ruled the discipline excessive, saying other officers who committed similar offenses got less time.

Union President Jeff Follmer is pleased with the ruling, but Safety Director Martin Flask is not. Flask, who issued the six-month suspension, said the city has 90 days to decide if they will appeal.

Read more on the investigation.


  • Jo-jo

    What a wonderful example it sets for police officers, who when I was young were role models for countless numbers of young boys and girls, to cheat and lie and get away with it.

  • John Slabinski

    Police officers put their lives on the line for society every day, so to penalize not only them, but their families, for SIX months because they got caught slacking off is ludicrous. Now, I am not saying what these officers did was right, but the punishment doesn’t fit the crime at all, especially when past similar cases resulted in far less of a punishment.

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