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Report Released on Castro, Slagle Suicides

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GRAFTON, Ohio — A report compiled by two independent consultants after the high profile deaths of Ariel Castro and Billy Slagle was released.

It included the observations, findings and recommendations of two experts that deal with suicide prevention in jails and correctional mental health law.

The report concluded neither suicide can be attributed to the failure of DRC staff.

Several recommendations were made, including the adoption of an enhanced mental health staff to be involved with high profile inmates; earlier, more rigorous staff training on custodial suicide and ending online training courses; and a closer look at the uses of mental health observation and close watch statuses.

Click here to read the full report.

JoEllen Smith, the Communications Chief for the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, released a statement in response to the report, that said:

“Director (Gary) Mohr reviewed the report and while the findings acknowledge the suicides of Billy Slagle and Ariel Castro cannot ‘be attributed to the failure of DRC staff,’ he is committed to working with the consultants and DRC staff to develop steps to address the recommendations contained within the report.”

Castro, 53, was found Sept. 3 hanged by a sheet from a window hinge in his cell at the Correctional Reception Center in Orient, Ohio.

He had served just over a month of his life sentence plus 1,000 years for kidnapping Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight and holding them captive for about a decade.

Slagle was found hanged in his cell at Chillicothe Correctional Institution on Aug. 4, just days before he was scheduled to die by lethal injection.

He had been sentenced for killing 40-year-old Mari Anne Pope in front of two children she was babysitting.

There were 10 inmate suicides at the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction during 2013 as of November.


  • Joe Smith

    Did anyone really think they would find DRC responsible for the suicides? The unions would never let that happen!

  • Frank

    Who friggin” cares that Castro committed suicide and died ??? It’s the best of both worlds. He’s dead and the State of Ohio doesn’t have to spend any more money housing, feeding and clothing him. It’s money well saved.
    The only ones who are “upset’ about his death are the ones who are going to sue the state for money. Where the hell were they when he held those three women captive …… NOWHERE. Now they’ll all be coming out of the woodworks to get what they think is theirs.

  • Kevin

    why is anyone worried about death row inmates, they killed people in cold blood and now they want special treatment, just hang them and get it over with… why are they taking up space in the jail cells, eating better that we do, able to watch cable when some people can’t even afford it, and they even get an education. They could have done that when they were free.
    The families of the people they killed or hurt, are still grieving for their lost family members, while they fight for special privileges, SCREW THAT. HANG THEM ALL, if proven guilty, don’t let them sit in jail for years.

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