Parents Charged After Child Dies from Cold-Like Symptoms

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RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Ohio– A 12-year-old girl died from ‘cold-like’ symptoms back in February, according to Richmond Heights police, but months later, authorities are focusing on the girl’s parents in connection with her death.

Randy Jones, 41, and Carissa Jones, 44, were indicted by a Cuyahoga County Grand Jury on November 27.

The Knollwood Trail couple is facing charges of involuntary manslaughter, endangering children, and permitting child abuse.

“It saddens me because I love children. I would never let a cut or infection ever be untreated,” said Stachie Campbell, a neighbor.

Richmond Heights authorities tell FOX 8 the girl had a wound that went untreated for weeks and developed into pneumonia.

“It’s like so sad. I’m really hurt by that especially when someone lives right across the street from me,” Campbell said.“You don’t have a child stay there and just suffer like that,” she went on.

The Jones’ are scheduled to be arraigned on December 13.


    • Sharon Ulman

      A lot of kids get cuts, but this turned to pneumonia. The parents still didn’t seek medical attention for their child. Pneumonia is nothing to mess with.

      • Tina

        Let me ask you this … What parent would ever think that a “cut” would turn into phenomena ????? Also what parent takes their kid to the dr’s for a cut????

        Ask yourself these questions … What were this child’s real symptoms and how long did they go on for?

        When my child gets sick I try over the counter stuff then a dr especially for cold like symptoms as it was stated and never in a million yrs would I run to a dr for a cut!!! A wound that looks infected and not getting better needs attention after several days “yes” but there is no way possible these parents could have ever thought that a “cut” could lead into phenmonia and surprisingly she got phenmonia in December ? What are those odds … Hmmm very likely and I highly doubt it’s from a cut!

        This is story is actually sad! Imagine what this family is going through and right around the holidays and imagine if they have other children!

        Now ask yourself if this was you instead ,should you face 20 yrs in prison if your child was to pass over these circumstances?
        No parent should have to deal with this mess!!!

      • Nicole

        I work in the medical field. I myself as an adult ha pneumonia for over a month. Worked everyday, functioned like usual. I went to see a doctor only after my co workers urging for 3 wks! Now im tough I was in pain but kept going. Kids are tougher. I am unsure if. The parents should be charged. Again I have no more insight then this article so idk

  • angela

    I know for a fact children get cuts wounds bruises…. often. To report a story such as this I would like to know what kind of wound it was and how the wound happened! because the story told as is sounds like a bunch of B.S. to me! Who in the world would ever think that a cut on a child especially at twelve or any age for that matter would cause pneumonia ??!! To charge the parents with this is soooo ridiculous…like they are not suffering enough? I have two wounds on my hand right now….guess I better run to the hospital before I die of pneumonia……good thing you ran this story cause I would have NEVER guessed this could happen!! I mean really what are the chances of catching pneumonia in December?

    • Tina

      Angela , you couldn’t have said that any better! I can’t even imagine what these poor parents are going through!!!

      Imagine all the money they will loose on trying to win this bs!!
      Again it’s another way for the system to receive money !

  • Tina

    What parent takes their children to the dr for a small cut???? Also what parent ever thinks that a “cut” will turn into phenmonia ?????

    This story is beyond crazy ! These parents have suffered enough with the loss of their child and now to deal with this stuff is bs.

    This is a way for the system to make money and to receive media attention and only in Ohio would this go on!!!

    The system can’t even put the right people in jail nor do their jobs properly!! How about getting justice for those who truly need it because in “Cleveland ” there’s plenty of it!

  • Melody Harpole

    Something is wrong about this story or about the reporting of the story. The writer has an obligation to the reader to explain how a cut on the leg, could cause a deadly infection in the lungs.

    According to Webmd, it’s not even possible. Perhaps this is a case where a bacteria from a wound traveled, or the infected wound harmed her immune system. But we don’t know, because the author is lazy.

  • Cindi Rogerson Gilbert

    Really Fox 8, Very disappointed in this Story and not giving more information, ( Then it was a Cut) You could of done a better Job at reporting this Story, Now you got everyone saying go to the Hospital for a cut, Really bad Reporting on your end,

  • Michele

    Everyone read 19action news WOIO story about this!! More detailed!! The report from authorities claim the little 12year old girl had other marks/cuts on her body that appeared to be in different stages of healing&the newest cut had gotten badly infected&untreated!! They think the parents had been abusing the young girl& that’s why the didn’t want to take her to the hospital. Just Sad!!😔 R.I.P little one🙏

  • Kristle Pipgras

    I wouldn’t run to the hospital for a cut on my son but I would have definitely cleaned it, bandaged it, and watched it like a hawk. Infections are nothing to mess with no matter how minor it seems. I learned that the hard way by ignoring a cut I got from shaving for crying out loud, next thing I knew I was being hospitalized and pumped chock full of antibiotics because it got infected and turned into staph. Also, this story says the parents are being charged for allowing child abuse which leads me to believe they were abusing her which led to the wound in the first place. I also don’t understand why you wouldn’t take your child to the doctor for pneumonia?! Also, nothing to mess with.

    • Tina

      Now it’s clear that the reporter here on fox 8 did a shabby job of reporting big time! This story posted made it look like innocent people were being charged and they left out the part of prior abuse was going on ! Shame on you Fox!

  • Frikken Frak

    Whaaat? A “wound” that developed into pneumonia?

    Ms. Brown, as a reporter, AT THE VERY LEAST do some cursory research before you publish. Judging by the comments, I’m not the only one who knows pneumonia isn’t caused by WOUNDS.

    You don’t have to be a sleuth to be a “reporter”. You can, I suppose, regurgitate things made known to you. Ok. But at LEAST don’t let the obvious slip past you, making you and your station look idiotic. All you would have had to do is GOOGLE pneumonia and you’d have found it’s not caused by wounds.

    EVERY reporter should be an “investigative reporter”. ASK QUESTIONS. WONDER. DIG. If your lack of interest in doing even the slightest research involving a dead child, DO ENTERTAINMENT reporting.

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