Hearing Held Over Teacher’s Racial Post

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David Spondike (Photo from Akron Schools)

AKRON, Ohio — A termination hearing was held Monday morning for an Akron teacher who admitted to a racist rant on Facebook.

David Spondike was at the 9 a.m. meeting at the district headquarters, but no immediate decision was made.

It was after trick or treat in his Copley neighborhood that the Firestone High School music teacher went off on Facebook about someone who relieved himself on the telephone pole in front of Spondike’s house.

He used the n-word twice and closed by saying he isn’t racist.

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The 51-year-old removed the post and a few days later put up a series of videos in which he allowed a friend’s son to take the blame for the racist rant.

In the video, Spondike said in part, “I especially want to thank my friends in the black community who have also stood by my side because I know they have taken a special kind of heat for doing so.”

Spondike has since sent a letter to the Akron School District taking responsibility for using the n-word but also explained that he believes he has the right to use whatever language he chooses to express his feelings.

Spondike has been with the district since 1998.

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  • SoSueMe

    He’s right! Truth hurts I guess. So what, he used the Nword. When the blacks stop using the word, maybe everybody else will then. Akron-is-a-sh!thole.

      • Balls

        Of course a white person can’t do that because your taught to hate the white person big difference use racial slurs in a white area no one cares but you hatefully moolies would pounce Ina heartbeat.

      • SoSueMe

        Really Richard? What are saying? If I would use it on front of a few blacks they would turn to violence? No! Say it isn’t so!

    • Stopthehate

      So your argument is if they can do it, why can’t everyone do it? Wrong is wrong. Monkey see monkey do is not a good excuse

  • Elad

    You can’t say, or spell out certain words. But you can make people THINK them. I understand the teacher’s perspective: If someone chooses to leave the ghetto, why can’t they just leave it there? Must they bring it with them?

  • tonyz@centurytel.net

    Well there is a big difference between a black man and a N…Seems to me he got this one right.

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