Homeless Man Moves Listeners to Tears with Music

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VANCOUVER, Wash. (KATU) -- A man who has been homeless for nearly five decades is shocking customers at a secondhand store in Vancouver -- with his music.

David Allen Welsh, 50, has been living on the streets since he was 6 years old. He said that's when he first discovered his musical talent.

He said he's never taken a music lesson and can't read music, and his fingers are numb from living outside for years in cold temperatures.

But he has been playing a used piano at the Second Hand Solutions thrift store for the past year -- causing customers to stop and weep, even record his performances.

He said he plays by ear. He also said he believe God wants him to share his talent. The song he plays is called "Aerial Aquatas" -- his own version of "Amazing Grace."

To hear him play, watch the video above.

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  • kahla

    That was absolutely beautiful and an amazing story. We need more beautiful people like that in the world! God has blessed you sir and you deserve it!

  • joncraft84

    Reblogged this on Handicap and commented:
    Amazing that a guy with so little can be so positive! To be homeless since he was six years old. To even be alive is a miracle. And to think homeless people are no good, homeless people are people just like us but down on their luck. Some of those people even if they had a home wouldn’t know how to maintain a life without being on the street. So they just choose to be on the street. Sometimes it’s safer to be on the street where you know how to live instead of being in a house where you have to learn how to live or how to survive. Yes I know some people are just going to say but we’re paying for that person to live on the street. But look at it this way..would you rather have them have a job, have a home, and go crazy…or be on the street and be sane and be able to survive on their own from day to day? Or again would you rather them have a job and go crazy and shoot somebody because they didn’t know how to survive in a normal living environment. No I think I would rather them be on the streets, and be paying for them to be on the streets than to have them shoot my loved ones and kill my loved ones because we wouldn’t let people on the street.

  • C. Gallagher

    There’s no way this is real! This guy is a classical trained musician who walked away from life and is now reaching out for a way to rejoin the life he knew. Every effort should be made to let him back in. His music is mesmeriziing!

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