Flying Off the Shelves: Products Shoplifters Love to Steal

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An estimated $13 billion worth of goods are stolen off U.S. store shelves every year, according to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention.

Retailers call it “shrinkage.” The term refers to the amount of inventory lost to clerical errors, damage, and shoplifting, according to yahoo.

The National Association for Shoplifting Prevention estimates shoplifters are only caught every 48 times they shoplift. An average shoplifter has already stolen up to $1,800 worth of goods by then.

The most common shoplifted items include cosmetics, pregnancy tests, baby formula, men’s razors, jewelry, underwear, condoms, and iPhone accessories.

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    • Keith Bruce

      The story included the amount stolen each year across the country, the average amount a shoplifter gets before they are caught, the most common items stolen. What more were you looking for, or did you just click on the story to whine?

  • byrne001

    Pregnancy tests and condoms were real surprises. I am certain one could get those items for free from a local family-planning center…why risk jail time???

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