No Injuries After Explosion at Canton Facility

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CANTON -- No injuries were reported after an explosion and chemical fire at a Canton facility Sunday afternoon.

According to Canton police, the incident happened at Hydrodec, located on Steinway Boulevard Southeast.

Lt. Dan McCartney says an off-duty officer was working a second job about a block away, heard the explosion and alerted officials around 4:10 p.m. The off-duty officer said he could see the heavy smoke and flames.

Two people were on the campus of Hydrodec at the time, however no one was inside the building where the fire was located.

"No time during the course of the fire were there needs to evacuate of anyone, but we did have concern because there was a hydrogen supply to the building," according to Captain Carl Jordan of the Canton Fire Department.

Because of the chemicals, firefighters went into the blaze defensively, however they didn't face any serious issues.

"I got pretty scared, there were a lot of chemicals back there, I didn't know if it was going to blow up," said Jamie Randall, who lives across the street. "It smelled, the closer you got down there it really, really smelled bad.”

Canton fire, Canton Township fire and EPA all responded to the scene.

Officials do not yet know the estimated damage the fire and explosion caused.


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