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Ohio BMV Rejects 300 Vanity License Plates

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Photo Credit: KSTP-TV via MGN Online

COLUMBUS, OH — “KLL ZOMBZ,” nope.  “DDD FAN,” out. “OIH8OSU,” not allowed.

Creative minds spend hours, maybe even days coming up with unique titles for license plates, but this year, the Ohio BMV committee has rejected about 300 vanity plate requests.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, the Ohio BMV bars anything profane, obscene and sexually explicit. Plates also cannot provoke violence or promote lawless activity.

The rules reportedly started in 2003 when the request for a “RDRGE” vanity plate was denied. The man ultimately received the plate, but the BMV outlined criteria that the committee could modify in the future.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that one Ohio driver paid homage to one of her favorite bands for nearly 20 years with the plate “IN2XTC.” After a complaint from another driver, the woman was told she had to turn in her personalized license plate.

She decided to pay homage to Frank Sinatra instead.

Click here to see a list of more plates that were denied.


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