Turnpike Reopened After Fiery Fatal Crash

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FREMONT, Ohio -- A section of the Ohio Turnpike has reopened after two people died in a fiery crash Thursday night.

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, it happened near mile marker 89 in Rice Township around 7:18 p.m.

Police say the driver of a 2013 Infinity M56 was heading west on the Ohio Turnpike at a high rate of speed when the driver struck a 2009 Chrysler Town and Country in the rear.

The driver then ran off the right side of the road, and his car caught on fire just after he was able to get out.

The second car involved came to rest in the center lane where it caught fire with its driver and passenger still inside. Police say the two were unable to exit the vehicle. The identities of those victims are unknown at this time, according to police.

The driver of the Infinity was injured and taken to St. Vincent's Medical Center in Toledo for treatment.

Interstate 80 westbound near mile marker 89 was shut down following the incident, but had reopened as of Friday morning.

Original police reports stated the accident happened following a police chase. Troopers Friday morning, however, said they are still investigating the circumstances prior to the crash.

It's not yet known if alcohol was a factor.

Police said any charges will be determined after the driver of the Infinity is released from the hospital.


    • Mark

      this one doesn’t count. This story did not mention it, but the other ones are saying the car was doing 125-150 mph. This was no accident. It was gross and willful disregard for the law, let alone negligence.

      I hope the driver gets manslaughter in the 1st degree, times two, only because they can’t get him on murder.

  • Bob

    Those two individuals in the van didn’t have to die the police chose there fate by chasing the suspect. They already had his plate number they were going to get him at some point anyways. Cops are way to power hungry just like when those two people got shot in that big police chase last year in Cleveland.

    • Dan

      Bob, your an $ss. The police did not kill those two people. The irresponsible driver that was driving in excess on 120 miles per hour did. We were on the turnpike last night and we were nearly hit by this fool, and no police were in pursuit.

    • MM

      read the latest Bob. Cops were never close to him, nor could they make up the distance due to more or less equal speeds. Blame the criminal doing the crime, not the cops trying to stop it.

      Why does everyone think criminals should go free. Had they stopped this fool, two people would be alive. But your mentality is let him run. You do realize he was doing those speeds long before the cops, right???????

      So many geniuses with the right to free speech. But the right to remain silent is for perps arrested…

  • Bill

    As I watched the news this evening I could not believe that two people had to die because a few adrenaline fueled cops felt disrespected and were not going to let a speeder get the better of them. Like the driver was going somewhere not matter how fast his car could go.

    • Mark

      Bill, you and Bob are winners. You blame the cops, not the fool driving at 125-150 mph (per the other news reports). Sure, if they got a plate they could’ve pulled back (according to a witness they went by “a minute later” after the speed demon flew by – that is a minute, a good distance behind), however the criminal here is the car driver, not the cops.

      So many in society want to blame the law or the law abider, not the criminal.

      Wonder how you’d feel if this happened to your parents. You might blame the cops….

  • Hope

    What ever happened to taking responsibility for your own actions. Had the person not been reckless, and speeding (with total disregard for other human life on the road) the accidents would not have occurred and those people would not have died. NO ONE else caused this BUT the driver who was speeding. He now needs to pay for his irresponsible actions.

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