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LeBron on ‘Come Home’ Campaign: ‘It’s Flattering’

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CLEVELAND — LeBron James said he is flattered by a campaign started by his fans in Cleveland to bring him back to the Cavaliers — or at least let him know some hard feelings have softened with time.

It’s called the ‘Come Home LeBron’ campaign.

“It’s a movement that we’ve created to show LeBron that not just a few, but many fans, we want him back in Cleveland,” organizer Josh Raggi said.

The campaign was inspired by 22-year-old James Blair.

Back in March, when the Miami Heat played the Cavs, Blair showed LeBron James his support by pulling a stunt that got Blair banned from The Q for life.

“I ran on the court with a shirt that said, ‘Come Back LeBron 2014’ on the back and sent my message to LeBron that game,” Blair said.

Raggi saw it on TV and thought up a safer way to show James some hometown love.

Wednesday night outside The Q, Raggi, Blair and a group of LeBron James supporters passed out 2,500 free ‘Come Home LeBron’ t-shirts to fans going to the Cavs v. Heat game.

Many fans were happy to take one.

“Just been one of his bigger supporters,” one fan said.

“He did what he did, but it’s time to move on,” another fan added.

So what does LeBron think of the campaign?

“It’s very flattering. Anytime you have fans that appreciate the way you play the game of basketball and do what you do, it’s very flattering,” James said before the game.

So is James ever coming back to Cleveland? We got a “non-answer” answer.

“You guys know that I’m not talking about free agency right now. Right now, my only concern is trying to hopefully win a third straight championship and that’s my mind frame right now,” James said.

“We’re not here to beg him to come back. So, I mean, we think it’s 50-50 right now that he leaves Miami, and if he leaves Miami, we think there’s a good shot he comes back here,” Raggi said.

Click here to read more on the campaign.


  • Ed Maltba

    He insulted everyone in Cleveland when he left figuratively slapping every person that supported him and the Cavaliers and essentially kicked us all in the gonads as a good by.
    Let him rot in Miami.

    • george valachi

      The decision to leave belonged to lebron and only lebron. Where he let the city down was not saying anything early enough to give the team time to replace him.

  • revolt

    The 22 year old who started this campaign will be the same generation who will forgive a terrorist. This is degrading and insulting to any Clevelander. stop it.

  • Eric C

    Everyone knows LeBron James is p.o.s. and he is not coming back to Cleveland let the heat have him and if people want to waste money making shirts be my guest …. LEBRON IS NOT COMING BACK thats the shirt I’m going to make

  • Aimee

    LeBron already completed what he wanted – what makes Cleveland fans think that he will come back here and work !! If he were to come back it would be to collect a paycheck and that is all.

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