Dozens of Laptops Stolen from Akron School

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(Photo Credit: MGN Online)

AKRON, Ohio — Dozens of laptops have been reported stolen from the John R. Buchtel Community Learning Center in Akron.

According to police, the principal of the school reported Monday that 30 to 50 Hewlett-Packard laptop computers were missing from various classrooms.

The district said they were taken sometime between Sept. 3 and Nov. 22.

Anyone with information on the theft is asked to call Akron police.


  • Lane Kohn

    What does Lebron James have to do with this? Another idiot who knows nothing and speaks. Anyhoo, it’s ashame that they were taken. I question why the authorities weren’t notified when one computer went missing. That makes no sense, heads will roll for this. Idiot thieves and idiot administrator.

    • Sharon Ulman

      The children that participate in the Stay in School program funded by the James Family Foundation gave laptops to the kids who participated in this year’s events. That’s what LeBron has to do with this. However, I believe this program is for children in the Greater Akron area and not just the Buchtel Cluster.

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