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Join Us For Operation Giving Tree Today

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FOX 8 is proud to sponsor Operation Giving Tree for the 8th year.

It’s a program started by the Cuyahoga County Children and Family Services to help provide the foster children in the county a gift for the holidays.

givingtree.jpegWe took on this project back in 2005 and it has been going strong every since.

Thanks to our generous viewers, these children have had a gift for Christmas.

Without you, some of them would not have received anything.

Operation Giving Tree will be held today. 

Join us in our front yard right here at FOX 8. We are located at 5800 Dick Goddard Way. You can drop off your items until 7pm Wednesday.

Here is a list of items that are a big hit with the children and teens.

A diverse mix of Barbie dolls
Barbie accessories
Barbie car
tea set
doll – stroller
Leap frog
Spider Man gifts
action figures
bath and body products
mp 3 players
board games
G I Joe
Hot Wheels
Dora the Explorer
Sponge Bob
Games for Game Boy Advance
Games for WII
Games for Play Stations
hand held electronic games
Watches (boy / girl)
$30.00 gift cards

The gift cards could be the Visa or MasterCard gift cards, it will allow a teenager to use at any store.

We are asking for gift cards to be at least $30.00 because this may be the only gift the teenager will receive. This allows them to buy something they would like.

A special thanks to the members of the University of Akron Steel Drum Band who performed for our Operation Giving Tree event.

They will be performing at Akron’s First Night Celebration on December 31. For more information click here.

Your generosity has made Operation Giving Tree a huge success for the last seven years.

Help us to make our 8th year the best ever.

Operation Giving Tree is sponsored by the Northern Ohio Honda Dealers.

By FOX 8’s Managing Editor Toni Garbo


  • Kathie Anderson

    I hope you have a good turnout. However, I think someone picked the wrong day for this. Peeps will be getting ready for T-Day. If they go shopping, it will be for something for their dinner and others may be at work. Also-lots of folks have payday on Friday. As well, Black Friday is the day of the deals with folks are more feeling the giving in their hearts. When they can get a deal, they will be better able to afford extras and more willing to give them. They are out and about and will stop by the station more readily. Someone dropped the ball on this date-I feel anyway. Wishing you luck tho! Love what you do—just not lovin’ the date for this one! I am a faithful watcher of FOX 8 in the morning—before I have to go to work. Kathie

  • DLB

    I agree that you would get a better turn out if you go back to Black Friday. I have participated every year. I have a budget that I spend for these gifts and I can buy a lot more because of the great deals. Besides the fact that I work on Wednesday. You did this last year and I bought less gifts than in previous years. Please change the date back! It’s the kids that don’t get as much!

  • Theresa Hagquist

    I’m a single mother of 3 children ages ,son 8,daughter 11 & another daughter 16 and recently lost my job. On Christmas this year I don’t know what I’m going to b able to give to my children.Every penny I do receive goes for my rent so I can keep housing for my children. I’m in desperate need of help if u could please inform me of any place that can help with Christmas gifts for my children on this holiday season.Anything would b greatly appreciated. Thank you Sincerely , Very Concerned Mother

  • trishklatte

    I don’t understand why the foster family aren’t buying Christmas for the children in there care, or county services.. they get enough money for the kids they take from parents, most of the kids shouldint even be in a foster homes they should be with there family. where the hell does the money go that’s suppose to be for the children.. I hate county services.. most people that foster only do it for the money.. it makes me sick. Buy the children Christmas gifts.. stop putting so much money in the county building.. wow has anyone seen it lately? or buying new things for your home.. that money is for the children. that get money for every kid they take that’s why theres so many in the system today..

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