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Camilia Terry Found Guilty of Murdering 3-Year-Old Son

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Camilia Terry has been found guilty in the death of her son, Emilliano.

Terry was accused of killing her three-year-old son, last November.

Here is how the counts break down:

Count 1: Aggravated Murder
Found Not Guilty of Aggravated Murder.
Within Count 1: Guilty of Murder

Count 2: Aggravated Murder

Count 3: Murder

Count 4: Murder

Count 5: Felonious Assault

Count 6: Endangering a Child

Count 7: Endangering a Child

Count 8: Tampering with Evidence

Count 9: Making a False Alarm

Count 10: Gross Abuse of a Corpse

The prosecutor's office said the guilty verdict on aggravated murder for purposely killing a child under age 13 means Terry could receive a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole. She's expected to be sentenced on Dec. 19.

It took the jury just a couple hours to decide the verdict once they got the case Friday afternoon.

Terry has told multiple stories as to how her son died.

Terry’s defense team admitted Terry originally gave different stories as to how her son, Emiliano, may have died. At one point, she said the three-year-old hit his head on a child car seat.

In another scenario, she said it was a boyfriend who hit and kicked the young boy, leading to his death.

She does admit wrapping up his body and putting it in a dumpster. It was later found at a garbage dump. The boy had a fractured skull and lacerated liver.

A forensic pathologist testified that the boy would have died very quickly.

The trial began last week and included recordings of her being questioned by detectives, but she did not choose to take the stand.

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  • really????

    Ya missed his son why didnt he have him then?????Then this never would have happened.My guess is both sides are trash is why.She claims she needed help with the kids so why wasnt he there???

  • who

    who cares to ask questions about the father who clearly was not around?And no one has heard of him what help will that be exactly

  • Chantele

    As a mother of 6, I can’t imagine not having one of the children I brought into this world not here with me. Things happen in our cruel world and to knowingly have something to do with the death of a life you brought into the world, lie about his death and then discard his remains like trash is wrong on many levels. To know that a child’s life was treated like nothing by someone who was supposed to protect and love him is shameful! The pain caused to his father, efforts by law enforcement who have their own. families and we still don’t know the truth…smh! Well God and lil Milio does and so does she. Prayers to the family suffering through this

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