Watch: Child’s Birthday Party Turns Into Brawl

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NORTH ROYALTON, Ohio - A child's birthday bash turned into a brawl, and not among the kids but the adults.  The scuffle was caught on tape.

Surveillance video shows words turning into a heated argument, followed by pushing and shoving, and then punches are thrown.  It happened at a child’s family birthday party at the Jump Yard, Saturday night.

"I think there was some disagreement about who should be invited, and who should not be invited,” North Royalton Police Detective David Loeding said.

The trouble began when a couple who was at the party returned after finding the tires of their car slashed. Instead of calling police, the couple confronted the people believed to be responsible for damaging their car.

At one point, staff members intervened to pull children out from the middle of the brawl, while the adults kept fighting.

"You don't need to act like that, especially in public around a bunch of kids.  What if a kid got hurt?" Keri Elliott of North Royalton said.

Eventually, Jump Yard staff and family members were able to break up the fight and police were called.

“Unfortunately, it goes from two to three, to three to five people, who are involved in exchanging fisticuffs, " Detective Loeding said.

Police said there were no serious injuries, but two arrests were made.

Marlow Knowles, 28, and Carolyn Standberry, 34,  both of Cleveland, are charged with assault.

It's possible other people may be charged as the investigation continues.


  • Leena Cavanaugh

    Shame on you for giving this situation attention. This was a very poor news story. You should spend your time reporting real news and leave the trash reporting to the tabloids!

    • Sue Cox

      I would say shame on the adults for starting the whole thing and behaving like juveniles.They should be apologizing to their children. When they go to court, maybe the judge will have them stand in corners with dunce caps on their heads. They can stay there until they are ready to behave as responsible, and civilized adults.

      • Maleena

        Thats funny! It would be funny to see that considering the fact that I am a juvenile and i don’t act like that. I’m not trying to get smart or anything. I just think it’s funny.

    • Joe Code stud

      And ignore what’s going on in the black community. I say show it to the world and let them be ashamed of themselves.

      • Ken

        Yes Joe, let’s use this as an example for your racism and hatred. Let’s not talk about the white school shooters, white workplace shooters, white serial killers, white pedophiles. No, let’s disregard those. We wouldn’t want you not to have an excuse to be a racist. Go pat yourself on the back and tell yourself how much better you are then black people. Meanwhile, most of us reasonable and logical people will be laughing at your obvious racism and cowardice.

    • Rick

      Shame on you for not believing what goes on in the real world, because either your 87 year old and senile, or a dumb White person who has no streets smarts, or your a Black who thinks it’s the White mans fault this happened to make Blacks look bad, but one thing I know, your a liberal….no question !

    • Mary Kaye Waterson

      When adults commit a crime at a child’s birthday party at a public venue, Leena, it IS news. Slashing tires because you don’t like who else was invited (hello? it’s not your party) and then starting a fight instead of calling the police? Yes, it is news. Now we all know who is NOT a responsible adult and we can make sure we don’t invite them to our parties in the future so no crimes will be committed at OUR parties.

  • Jim

    Just leave them alone and they will come home wagging their tails behind them, OH and taking off their t-shirts “LIKE REAL BAD BOYS”

  • Rick

    Talk about Self Stereotyping…..the black community brings it upon themselves to the rest of the world, this is in the City of North Royalton, never has there a problem at the Jump Yard children’s fun center, not until you bring the GHETTO in…!!!!

    • Gma sugar cube

      I totally agree with you Rick with the exception of the racial comment. Doesn’t matter what race they are hood is hood and ghetto is ghetto. If they can’t come into our town with class they need to stay in Cleveland until they discover some class.

      Perhaps the jumpyard should expand and set up an establishment in the steelyard commons. Smack dab in the middle of the ghetto!!! Lol

    • Ken

      Do you even read the paper? Do you read any articles that don’t justify your racist beliefs. I read stories today on a serial killer just executed (white), a man who raped a 15 year old (white), a doctor who was convicted of killing his wife and kids (white). Get help for yourself. You need it.

  • Gma sugar cube

    This is unacceptable!

    If you want to act hood and show no class then have yo kids birfday potty in da hood. Stay out of classy neighborhoods. Don’t filter your trash in our neighborhoods !!!!!

    They may not consider the jump yard as classy and it’s probably not but apparently they don’t gave none anyway!!!!

  • PaytonB

    Wow, the woman’s facebook…

    Every post is “hoe” this and “b****” that.

    I would never imagine someone that wrote that would end up in jail.

    • ForSale

      Truly. A conversation with her must be enlightening, intellectually stimulating and fascinating. I can’t wait to watch her children on COPS.

  • ForSale

    They would need to have a conscience and intelligence to ever feel ashamed. That’s the problem. What works with rational and educated humans doesn’t work for the animals. They kill/fight eachother like Middle Easterners. Good job dropping out of high school. Good job NOT raising your children so they become gang bangers and criminals, good job for be an absent father of 6 children with 5 different women. Good job trying to deny the fact that you DESERVE your reputation and blaming it on everyone else. Good job dominating the prison scene. good job dominating the socil welfare system. Good job being a drain on society. Good job on being pathetic and living up to everyone’s view of who you really are. We truly appreciate you proving us right time and time again. Stating facts doesn’t make a racist. Stating facts make one better prepared (conceal carry, alarm systems, cameras, and avoiding groups of your young men. Good job to Al Sharpton for being a hypocrite.

  • richwithoutmoney

    Gee, what a shock. Yep, just one more reason I am glad that I moved to Montana. It’s so peaceful up here. Wanna guess why?

  • jon anthony

    Ahhh, that explains why fec e s AND macaroni grease are not allowed at birthday parties anymore. I was wonderin yo.

  • Mary Kaye Waterson

    All this racist BS is completely unnecessary. White adults act just as stupidly. It just doesn’t get national attention. I live in the Chicago area – white people, hispanic folks, black – it doesn’t matter what your race is. If you’re stupid, you do stupid stuff just like this. I live in an almost all white area and this kind of stupid stuff happens often enough.

  • Joshua

    I saw a comment that brought race up, 2 things first I do think the black community has issues with recognition of problems, often blame is deflected. But this could happen anywhere, 2 the very next story was about a white man, delivering his stillborn baby, and putting the corpse in a bucket and covering it with concrete. Society overall is good, people can be bad. I think what this really shows is that if the US were to ever truly fall, the carnage and chaos that would ensue would be crazy. 360 million people, there must be tons of hatred in all colors of people. I know that will never happen, please history says republics, countries fail, and as in most of those failures, 3 things lead down that road, 1. Inequality between haves and nots, 2. Climate change, manmade or natural, as it pertains to food production and housing and 3. Political instability. Hmm.

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