Teacher Admits to Racist Post in Letter to District

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David Spondike (Photo from Akron Schools)

AKRON, Ohio — A Firestone High School teacher accused last month of posting “racially insensitive” comments on his Facebook page has admitted to the making the posts in a letter to the district.

A non-public hearing was set for today regarding the veteran music teacher David Spondike, 51, and the accusations. The district said Spondike opted out of the process, and instead issued the letter.

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Spokdike’s letter includes the following:

“I take full responsibility for the postings on Facebook which were done in a moment of anger and with unnecessary haste. Follow up postings were done in answer to responses that I received from the first posting. I take full responsibility for the language used and which has resulted in acrimonious comments from citizens in Akron. It is, however, my position that I have the right to use such language in explaining my feelings about the general state of the community in Akron. These remarks were in no way directed at the Akron School District or, to my knowledge, any person involved in the district.

In the matter of “conduct unbecoming a professional educator” I also consider this conduct as extremely serious and it should never have happened. In light however of the fact that it did happen I have sought professional counseling for anger management and other matters that may have caused the outburst on Facebook.”

Spondike also asked the board to “consider, with my attorney, an agreement to resolve this matter in a manner satisfactory to both parties.

Spondike was placed on paid administrative leave by the district when the investigation began.

At one point, Spondike posted a video on YouTube explaining the post. In it, his friend’s son admitted to writing the comments on Spondike’s Facebook page.

The next step for Spondike is a termination hearing, which has been scheduled for December 2. From the hearing will eventually come a recommendation to the board and the board will then render a final decision.

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  • idiot

    ha i knew he did it!And made that poor kid say he did it shame on you.I understand being mad about it but u can vent write it down and not post it for the world to see.Hope it was worth it

  • Jackie

    Tell me, what is the “appropriate” word to call black kids that are peeing on your property ? Hmmmm, I think the word used is absolutely fitting.

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