Students Arrested in Bomb Threats at High School

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NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio — Police say they’ve arrested two students they feel are responsible for three bomb threats in three days at North Olmsted High School.

According to a release from the district, the students face serious criminal charges and school discipline.

Bomb threats were made at the school on both Monday and Tuesday.

Police say a third threat was found Thursday morning on a bathroom wall. The building was evacuated, and the students were allowed back in when no bomb was found.

North Olmsted police said that a significant number of parents picked up their children from school after Thursday’s threat. They emphasized that no devices were found in any of the three threats.

In a release issued Thursday afternoon, Supt. Michael Zalar assured parents that their students were safe at the school and they were encouraged to return to a normal student schedule.

The superintendent also said a picture of a student with a gun had been circulating among students at the high school.

He said no student at the school had a gun, but that the student responsible for the picture of himself with the gun was identified and was also arrested Thursday morning.

That student also faces criminal charges.

**CLICK HERE for the superintendent’s full statement**

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    • Sharon Ulman

      You can’t bring a picture like that to a school! Especially one that has been plagued with bomb threats on almost a daily basis. What is wrong with you?

    • Linda

      my son goes to the north olmsted high school and its been a TOUGH STRESSFUL week for these kids even if there not “serious’ its an emotional roller coaster for them..they have all watched the news in the past and kids have followed thru with there threats!! i hope after today they can go back to a normal schedule!!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Sharon for your comment. My kids go to north Olmsted high school and it’s been a horrible week. Glad that they were able to find kids behind threats

  • Jennifer

    back in the 90’s it was a way to get out of class, honestly… none of the kids took it seriously really.. at least the classmates i talked to. no one really believed the school was going to blow up…. plus being evacuated to the parking lot was kinda dumb on the schools part depending on “where the device might be” but that was back in my day…

  • student

    I am a student at N.O and they didn’t seem to mention the fact that the threats on the first day was during fourth period. The next day it was third period. Today it was second period. Theres talk that this is a countdown 4.3.2 and tomorrow 1. Its really weird and it has many of my friends and I spooked. Whoever took the time to plan that out must be awfully dedicated. So I think there’s more to this and I will not be at school tomorrow.

  • student

    I am a student at N.O. and im a senior. To be honest it is ridiculous, it’s just immature students that want to get out of class. Most students are just taking these threats and looking at it for a way to get out of school. They are calling their parents and telling them they feel “Unsafe” when im reality they just don’t want to be in school. Both my parents think that I should stay home because they think that someone is really going to d something. If someone was truly going to do something they wouldn’t tell anyone they would just do it. I’m still going to school tomorrow and if it does happen during first period I won’t be surprised.

  • Student

    I am a Sophmore at NOHS, and students don’t want to have school cancelled because we just want to to go home, were just so worn out. This whole week has been stressful and we just need to relax. I am also not attending school tomorrow.

  • Jennifer K.

    I’m an NOHS junior, I would to point out that Monday is inaccurate; there were threats on Tuesday, Wednesday, and today, but not on Monday.

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