Cleveland Kennel Faces Overcrowding Issue

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CLEVELAND — The City of Cleveland Kennel is overcrowded and employees and volunteers need help finding homes for more than 100 adoptable dogs.

The kennel is almost completely full; 120 out of 140 cages are currently filled with dogs who need an owner.

The kennel brings in an average of 20 dogs a day, so freeing up room is crucial for the organization.

Many of the dogs have been at the shelter for more than a month waiting to be adopted or transferred to an animal rescue group.

“There’s some healthy adoptable dogs and it would just be senseless to euthanize these dogs, so we really think they can make a good pet in the community. They are spayed and neutered, they come with a micro chip and a license,” said Animal Control Officer Chief John Baird.

In an effort to increase adoptions, the Cleveland Kennel will be open until 7 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday until December 19.

It costs $61 to adopt one of the kennel dogs.


    • Alison

      the reason they are spayed and neutered is because those who do not spay or neuter are the reason all those dogs are at the kennel!

    • Saliese Anne

      That is the STUPIDEST thing I have ever heard!!!! The reason they get spayed or neutered at the shelter is so that the number of dogs doesn’t increase even more by people like you that feel that it is un-neccessary!!!!! They are trying to keep the animal population down so that the shelter isn’t over crowded like it is now.

    • Ashley S

      Spaying and neutering is crucial to keeping the stray pet population to a minimum. It’s because of people who are irresponsible with their pets that the shelters are over crowded. Be it because of people who don’t take care of them, they grow up and aren’t puppies anymore, living situations change, or because of over breeding and “oops” litters of puppies and kittens – all
      the more reason to spay and neuter.

      Spaying and neutering helps reduce health risks such as cancers in pets as well.

      As a rescuer, I don’t understand why someone wouldn’t want to have a healthier pet, nor do I understand why people don’t do so.

      To each their own, but think about it before you get a pet. They are a lifelong commitment – you are their life. If you don’t think you can be responsible for that life for 10-20 years (depending on the pet and breed etc) and you aren’t willing to make sacrifices to make sure they are safe, then a pet probably isn’t for you.

    • Patrick Byrne

      A lot huh? I don’t think so. There are so many reasons to spay/neuter it ridiculous. That’s all I can say w/o getting rude.

    • byrne001

      Oh wow, I click her name and her boyfriend and her rare pictured. They look as stupid as her comment…it’s almost like she must have put a fake pic because the pic is incredibly laughable.

    • mj21

      You are an idiot. I hope you figure out the reason behind spaying and neutering. Maybe you should stop the backyard breeding and increasing the population if animals without homes. You are prob one of those people who have like 20 cats and dogs just allowing them all to breed creating more and more pound puppies. It’s really sad you have no clue what you are doing. It’s called responsible ownership. Diesnt seem like you know anything about that.

    • Erica Q

      So you want to take a dog on death row from a kill shelter and not have it spayed? Why so you can use her for breeding and sell puppies on craigslist? Because people should buy your dogs rather than adopt one of the hundreds of unwanted pets in our city right? The hundred plus dogs that are waiting euthanasia so you can bring more puppies into this world. Did you even read the article? What kind of a senseless woman are you?

    • kim

      the reason there being spayed an neutered is because of ignorant people like u who is in it for money. I cant believe u would say that. theres to many dogs in this world living in shelters . I adopted an was so have that he was fixed . you are a jerk

  • Lauren

    Vanessa, spaying and neutering is the only way that this city will have a community where healthy, happy friendly dogs are not euthanized. Be it Cleveland Animal Control or the Cuyahoga County Dog Shelter, the government facilities set up to take in strays, abandoned dogs and owner surrenders can not keep up with the level of intakes. There are over 4,000 intakes at CAC each year alone. All breeds of all ages, purebreds to mutts, Pomeranians to Pitties can be found in shelters and rescues looking for adopters. Right now there are around 40 dogs on the urgent list. If 4 people would have altered their pets and not let them breed, that number could be 0. We have seen litters of 10, 13, up to 17 at a time from dogs that have come into CAC pregnant and abandoned that have gone to rescues in the past 2 years.

    About 2.7 million healthy, adoptable cats and dogs—about one every 11 seconds—are put down in U.S. shelters each year. Often these animals are the offspring of cherished family pets.

    The ONLY way to reduce the unwanted pet population is to spay and neuter.

    People need to adopt from rescues and shelters and not breeders and pet stores which almost always supply their ‘stock’ from puppy mills.

    In addition, spaying and neutering will prevent your pet from getting often fatal diseases such as breast cancer, pyometra and other uterine infections in females and testicular cancer in males.

  • VTA

    Now that’s a comment I don’t understand — not adopting because they’re spayed and neutered? ??????????? Please explain.

  • mj21

    Wow Allison you are an idiot. You must be one of the ones who like to contribute to the amount of digs that get put down every day for the lack of a home. Responsible owners have their pets spayed or neutered to prevent the growing number of animals being killed daily. Although you may think breeding is a good idea because you gain a few bucks if you are lucky. Seeing how most animals at shelters don’t have paperwork. It’s sad that you think it’s ok not to have your pet fixed. I really hope you adjust your view on this subject.

    • addie

      I also would like to say that if you need money there are jobs for that, there are so many risks in breeding dogs, including not know who you are selling them to. this is one of the very reasons that the kennel stay full and dogs are killed every day.

  • Shanautica Allen

    I would love to adopt one of your puppies or dogs. Can you please contact me by email with more information

  • Chelsie

    When you are desperate in times like these why don’t you adopt out the dogs for free? I know you need every penny you can get, but insuring a dog for a forever home is less than paying for it to get euthanized.

  • Erica Q

    Vanessa, so you want to take a dog from death row in a shelter filled with hundreds of other homeless dogs all waiting euthanasia and NOT GET YOUR DOG FIXED? Why? So you can breed her and all her puppies can end back up at the same shelter before they are two? What kind of a senseless woman are you?

  • D.

    Unfortunately, it looks like a lot of the dogs are part pit bull. I’m not getting in a discussion about pits, some are great, some not, but a pit would not fit in my life- we have livestock and it is really hard to teach them to not kill lambs and goat kids!
    But, I will say, spaying and neutering pets is crucial to bringing the pet population under control.

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