Charges Dropped Against Teens in Bullying Death

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(CNN) — Two teenage girls accused of aggravated stalking in the case of a young Florida girl who jumped to her death no longer face criminal charges, according to lawyers.

Attorney Jose Baez, the attorney for one of the girls, who is 13, said the state had dropped the felony charge against her in the bullying case of Rebecca Sedwick, who was 12 when she committed suicide in September.

“We are very pleased that the state attorney’s office … has decided to do the right thing,” Baez said, adding that he was convinced that his client had never done anything criminal.

Baez said the girl was deeply affected by Sedwick’s death and had been bullied herself.

She has been in counseling, he said.

“There is zero evidence of any stalking in this case,” he said.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said he was “exceptionally pleased with the outcome of the case.”

“We see the children are going to get the services that they need,” Judd said, referring to counseling services. “That’s the best outcome for juveniles.”

A 14-year-old girl in the case also had her charges dropped.

“My client and her family are relieved by the state attorney’s decision today,” said her attorney Andrea DeMichael. “She is hopeful about her future and is attempting to turn this tragic event into something positive.”

A member of the state attorney’s office said he could not comment on cases involving juveniles and referred CNN to defense lawyers.

Months of cyberabuse reportedly drove Rebecca to climb up the ladder of a pair of silos at an abandoned concrete plant in September. She had already cut open her wrists in December but survived that suicide attempt.

By Steve Almasy

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    • anonoumous

      they should of been locked up I was bullyed when I was in school its not a good feeling at all and id they same people keep doing it I drop out of school because of it beacuase B++ford said its a normal thing…

  • Anita

    My son was dullyed when he was in 7th grade at richmond Hts. School I had to tack gum out of the school because of it. They talk about his clothes his shoes his hair this went on everyday from the time he left my house to time he came home. He had a knife pulled on him and I had to go file police report because of it so I think the 2 girls should not have gotten off for what they have done to that girl. I think her parents should sue there parents and you can not tell me that the girls mother did not know that they were bowling this girl I do not believe that at all.

  • sorry

    charges should not have been dropped!when you pick and pick and pick on this poor girl to the point she can no longer take it then they should be held accountable.Esp when after she did it they still didnt care that they pushed her over the edge.i am aware she took her own life but it was the result of the torment she was put thu. Im not saying put them in jail forever but they need to learn a lesson and let it be a lesson to others. The complete lack of human compassion from these girls worries me.They should be punished.At the very least harassment.I pray for the children these days no morals no compassion so cold.As for the girl who took her life i wish she coulve realized it wouldve got better.For everyone who feels this way IT WILL GET BETTER!Have faith.

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