WATCH: Hunters Make ‘What Does the Buck Say?’ Parody

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CHESTERLAND, Ohio — Two Ohio State graduates are welcoming in deer hunting season with a spoof of the viral video, “The Fox” by Norwegian group, Ylvis.

Their version is aptly called “What Does the Buck Say?,” and it already has more than 100,000 hits on YouTube.

Brothers David and Dean Giarrizzo are the founders of Tag-N-Brag, an online community for hunters and fishermen.

They said in a release that they’re launching the video in time for Ohio’s Youth Deer Gun Hunting Season, and it’s aimed at “the next generation of outdoor sportsmen and women.”

The video is the “brainchild” of the two, and they recruited friends and family for help.

They said that while the video is entertaining, it’s also meant to remind hunters to know the rules and hunt safely.

Youth deer season runs Nov. 23 and 24.


  • J

    Really so its stupid to just be happy and have fun? HMM I would rather watch this any day rather than murders, rapes ect.. its funny in my opinion, and its clean no cussing, nothing wrong with this video. Thanks FOX 8 was nice to laugh instead of be sad or disgusted with more bad news of murder and ignorance. I enjoyed this video.

  • That was dumb

    I want the time I wasted watching the first 20 seconds of that video back. The only way that’s entertaining is if the guy in the deer costume gets double lunged at 20 yards.

  • Rae Quired

    This is a really sad attempt at getting hits on a story. “Fun,” sure, but not newsworthy. It’s kind of sad. This is essentially why Fox is not my go-to news provider.

  • tosha murphy

    I thought it was fun to watch…..lots of haters out there, jealous & bitter with their lives have to put young adults down for having fun.

  • murph

    Its funny, ill enjoy this any day of the week if you have a sense of humor! So take your negativity somewhere else. And the education aspect of this video has nothing to do with what they went to school for, reason its called a parod!

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