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Racial Graffiti Causes School to Forfeit Football Season

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(CNN) — A Massachusetts high school football team canceled the rest of its season after someone scrawled a racial epithet on the home of one of its players.

“Knights don’t need [the n-word],” the slur read.

The Blue Knights are the football team at Lunenburg High School, a school 55 miles northwest of Boston.

The epithet was spray painted in large blue letters on the foundation of the ranch-style home where the team’s 13-year-old fullback lives.

The incident has brought the FBI to Lunenburg — and shone a national spotlight on the small town of about 10,000 that is not used to such a harsh glare.

“I don’t really understand why someone would even do something like this,” the 8th grader told CNN affiliate WCVB. “I have two younger brothers and a younger sister. This is our house, this is where we live. Eventually they’re going to see it.”

The boy’s mother is white; his father black, the station said.

The boy told the station he’s been dealing with other harassing incidents in recent weeks. His cleats were doused in water; the tire on his bicycle was slashed, he said.

“We wish to express our outrage and sorrow over the hateful and vile acts against one of our own,” the Lunenburg School Committee said in a press release.

“We assure you and our entire community that we will continue to work to ensure that hate has no place in our schools.”

School officials canceled last Friday’s game, and said they will forfeit the remaining two games — including the traditional Thanksgiving Day game.

“It would be highly inappropriate to play the remaining games while there is an ongoing investigation,” the committee said.

The team is 4-6 this season.

Authorities are also investigating whether racial slurs were hurled at a rival team by Lunenburg High School players during a football game earlier in the season.

The committee said its decision to forfeit the games was made the decision out of safety concerns “in the emotionally-charged environment that has been generated by these recent acts.”

–By Lateef Mungin, CNN


    • TEC4

      Speaking as an “old boomer”, I can assure you that I wouldn’t behave like that if you held a gun to my head. I was raised not to behave in such a fashion. But of course, you find it easier to generalize than to see people one by one, which makes me think you might find such vandalism quite easy.

  • deb

    The parents of the kids who wrote the racial slurs should be ashamed and punished just as much as the kids. Racism is not something we are born with but taught. It’s cause of individuals like them that give the caucasian race a bad name. It’s 2013 , get over it, or get the fuck out of America. Not one of us are originally from the united states.

    • Pitter

      Two things. Only an ignorant person uses language like that because they can’t think of anything intelligent to say. And sorry, I am originally from the US. Born and raised here. So once you go back to school, get an education and learn to be a lady, you can leave any time.

  • Michael

    They obviously need him, the team was 4-6

    But on a serious note it was classy by the school to cancel the remaining football season games. As a little kid I was raised in one of the most dangerous black neighborhoods in the country, but I had a family of hard workers who never committed any crimes and did everything they could to give me a good life. I didn’t learn about racism until I move to a white neighborhood. It’s 100% the parents fault.

  • amy

    Okay, so only white ppl are rasist! Thats really stupid of you to say!! im white and i have mixed nephews and a niece and my children dont know that they are different color on the outside because i taught them to love ppl……..maybe not ignorant ppl But most ppl. Very sad that this boy sounds very Smart and he should never have to deal with this.

  • amy

    And pointing fingers about white neiborhoods makes you a very rasist person too. All colors share that problem not just one!!

  • brenda burd

    from experience…maybe people aren’t born with racism but we are taught by our opponets not our parents. It is how we were treated by the other race and I can tell u from experience.. it wasn’t nice at all. The other race taught me to be racist. I have tried to get over it but how u were treated stays in ur head and in ur heart. How do u know it was other kids that spray painted that on the house.. could have been an adult that doesn’t like the mixing. there are still a lot of people that don’t believe in that and u can go ahead and bash me all u want, it wont change anything

  • Ivan

    First, you don’t punish and entire team because of the actions of one individual. Second, using a racial slur is NOT illegal, it is protected by the First Amendment! Third, are all the “rap shows” being cancelled because of the use of racial slurs or is society “selective” on who may use these so called slurs?

  • Michael

    There’s always a genius who blames rap music or Obama for the actions of others or tries to make it equal to the injustices that happen to people on a daily basis.

    And Amy….. don’t look for racism in my comment what it was based on was my experience and when I learned about racism. Would you feel better if I made up a different story Amy?

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