Police Warn Residents of Solicitor Scam

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EASTLAKE, OH — Eastlake police are sending a warning about scammers targeting elderly residents while posing as funeral agencies and utility companies.

According to Eastlake police, a couple recently knocked on the door of an elderly female and said they had made an appointment to speak to her regarding funeral arrangements for her future, more specifically about a plot of land and funeral expenses.

In another event, the solicitors posed as employees with a utility company and asked to see a recent electric bill, claiming they can lower prices for home owners in need.

Police say solicitors specifically look for a welcomed entry into a home for a number of reasons. They may use an excuse to leave the room and then canvas the home for items to steal.

Unlawful solicitors may also look for a piece of mail or a utility bill for identity theft purposes.

Authorities say scammers may also target elderly residents in “cash up front” schemes that promise a product that will never be delivered. Police warn they may wear name badges or have fake IDs.

Anyone with concerns about unlawful solicitors are urged to contact Eastlake police.


  • Tim

    They are doing this in Ashtabula too. They came to my house twice already. They claim to be with the gas and electric utilities companies. They want to see our bills and to fill out forms with peesonal information and sign forms too. They said they were going to send more people over and keep coming untill we sign and give them our info.

    • Jen

      Next time they come, Tim, tell them if they do not leave you alone you will call the police. Then you can wave goodbye to them as they run down your driveway :)

  • Laura Daubenmire

    Years ago, I called the city of Eastlake PD one night to tell them about people coming to the door and wanted to know if they kept a list of solicitors. They said they did not. The city should have an evening list for dispatchets to check for residents.

  • angela

    I had someone claiming to be from the electric company in Parma about a month ago. He wanted to come in and see a bill so he could give us a lower rate. I said if they can lower rates go ahead and do it from the office and no way is someone I didn’t call coming in. He was not happy became very insistant and only left when I asked for his bosses number so I could verify who he was. All of a sudden they would make an appt with me at a later date. Never heard from them, go figure!

  • Michael F. Mumper

    I had the same gig just yesterday. They had Id badges & everything else. I said if Our rates could be lowered, just do it.. Electric & gas. Akron.

  • ken

    Yes also they are hiiting weat side of cleveland near w130th. Never ever give these ppl ur gas bill… they claim that they can lower ur bill if u switch to there company…

  • Vandi

    Yup! We had someone come to our door here in Akron too! He had ID badge as well & a clipboard… He wanted to see my electric bill… I told him I wasn’t interested, and my dog was going ape crazy at the door too. He took one look at my dog and he quickly left.

  • james

    yes this happened in Akron too he had an ID badge and a clipboard come to the house at night surprised my wife when she went out to the garage to get something I called the police to tell then it looked suspicious and the dispatcher acted like it was just nothing

  • Josh Kendall

    They come to Elyria all the time. One tried to press me to give them a bill and when I said I wasn’t interested he said obviously I didn’t know sh#t, turned to walk down my steps and muttered something about being a dumb a** who didn’t want to save money. When I heard him and reopened the door and asked him if he had something he wanted to say he just muttered and walked away. Just confirming my gut instinct was right.

  • Charles

    I read meters for The Illuminating Company. We will never ask for any bills or any personal information. We wear proper company clothing and have legitimate ID badges with our photo. A reader will simply read the meter on your property and leave unless knocking to ask for a locked gate or dog to be put inside. If you are uncomfortable please call it in to the company to be verified. This scam hurts my job and safety. We are not the bad guys were just doing our job and getting a fair reading for the customer. Thank you

  • Julie

    I just had this happened at my home tonight and akron guy came to my door asked to see my gas and electric bills when to come into my house and review them with me I asked him if he was on there to look at my meter and he said no he wanted to look at my gas electric bill and go over them tried to get into my house I then told him that I was not interested he had no identification photo ID or anything around his neck or did his coat have any company name on it. I later called Akron police who do not act like it was any big deal told me to call 911 if I were to see this man again.

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