McNabb: NASCAR Driver Isn’t An Athlete

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When we think about athletes, football players, soccer players and baseball players may come to mind.

But what about NASCAR drivers?

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb is under fire this week after saying on Fox Sports Live that NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson is “not an athlete,” according to USA Today.

The comment was made during a conversation about dominant athletes over the past 10 years.

McNabb said NASCAR is a sport, but that drivers aren’t athletes.

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  • ME

    you try and hold on to a vehicle that is going 190 to 210 miles per hour with 30+ other cars and drivers around you…your an A$$

  • Amy J

    NEWS FLASH!! McNabb no longer plays for the Eagles! Don’t you remember they have that other controversial quarterback!! Quit bringing my team down!

  • Lisa

    I wish people would actually try something before so happily passing judgement on it. How does he know NASCAR drivers are not athletes? Has he tried to do exactly what they do and found it worthy of that statement? My guess is probably not. If you think it’s so easy, go do it yourself! Statements based on ignorance just show how clueless you really are about something.

  • Jason

    He’s right. They’re not athletes. There is nothing athletic about driving a car. He’s not saying it doesn’t take skill or that it’s easy, just that they’re not athletes. It’s not like he’s insulting them. I don’t know why they’re so sensitive. Grow some skin.

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