Download: Digital or Paper Receipts?

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More and more stores are giving customers options when it comes to those pesky paper receipts: they’re going digital.

Retailers including the Apple Store and Nordstrom offer the choice of an email receipt, according to Mashable.

Proponents say emailed or digital receipts would save 10 million trees a year that go into printed receipts, according to Mashable.

Plus, most purchases are made via credit or debit card already.

Do you prefer paper or digital receipts? Vote in our poll below, and join the conversation on our Facebook page.


  • Amanda

    Paper receipts all the way! No one looks at it this way, BUT you should keep all receipts especially fast food in case of food poisoning! My husband made this a point approx. 11 years ago and we have needed it twice. Only keep it for one or two days, then throw away. I do have to say that the Library, for an example, has a choice whether or not to print a receipt and that is a great idea for all to use. Those who want a paper receipt will get theirs and be happy and those who do not, they can store it into their computer or phones, which one day will accidentally crash or get a virus and then all their important documents are gone anyway, for good!

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