Attorney General: Teen’s Death Was Not A Suicide

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Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced Wednesday that  19-year-old Jacob Limberios’ death was not a suicide.

Jake was shot in the head in March of 2012, at a home in Clyde in Sandusky County.

The Bureau of Criminal Investigation gathered new evidence showing Limberios was likely holding a gun at very close range when it fired accidentally without a trigger pull.

Limberios’ body was exhumed in May, by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office to investigate the shooting.

Special agent investigators for the Bureau of Criminal Investigation found the gun belonged to Jacob Limberious, and had a faulty safety mechanism. Under testing, the gun safety failed 30% of the time, meaning the gun could fire without its trigger being pulled.

The new evidence corroborated witness accounts that Limberios was shot while holding the gun, despite having given no indication that he intended to shoot himself.

“What happened on March 2, 2012, was a horrible tragedy,” said Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine. “However, we believe that Jacob Limberios did not intend to kill himself. His gun can fire without a trigger pull, and that put him in mortal danger.”

“Jacob Limberios did not commit suicide,” DeWine stated. “He died in a horrible accident.”

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  • Brian N Sue Reinhardt

    And for some odd reason they feel it wise to NOT mention the model of gun that “inadvertently” discharged.

    Government or media officials must have a “stupid” prerequisite before they’re given any type of real responsibility to the public they serve.

  • Charlene Sphon

    There is a HUGE difference between a safety failing (ie, you pull the trigger and it is not supposed to fire) and gun firing without a trigger pull. A primer needs to be striked for that cartridge to fire. Period. If the safety failed, that’s one thing. I don’t care if you have a safety on or not, you don’t point that at anything you want to destroy or pull the trigger! I DO NOT believe he didn’t pull the trigger. I DO believe the safety was faulty and he didn’t intentionally shoot himself.

    • Charlene Sphon

      That, or it isn’t the gun SAFETY that’s faulty, but the firing pin mechanism… in which case Brian hit the nail on the head… WHY are we not being told what model that gun was?

  • Melissa Slack

    This story was just on the Dr. Phi; show last Monday, I don’t know anything about guns but they did say it was a 357 magnum revolver.

  • Dana K Dillon Day

    “very close range” – I thought the stippling etc. was missing so the gun COULD NOT have been close enough to him to have been held by him. And as everyone else has said – a failed safety simply doesn’t stop a finger pull – a failed safety doesn’t mean randomly going off. And failed lie detector tests would mean one of the others accidentally had it go off and shoot him in the head from down below. Still an accident but no idea why they can’t get it right.

  • sassysue

    Nothing can bring Jacob back unfortunately, and because of poor investigative services by the Coroner and the Sheriff all that is left is conjecture. How very sad for all concerned. It is time for the family to heal and go on with life. They have their grand daughter to raise and think of now that their son is gone.
    Shannon and Mike may you remember the best times with Jacob and create even better memories with his daughter!
    God Bless

  • Mike T

    Tragic accident. I’m terrible sorry for the family’s loss. According to Melissa it was a .357 revolver. How can a hammer fire gun misfire. I know S&W had a recall on possible misfire but those are on striker fire guns.

  • Kimberly Kinsey

    First lesson on gun saftey, NEVER have it pointed at anything that is not a target. Loaded or not. Horrible that this man is dead but why was the gun pointed at him in the first place.

  • Mary Peiske

    I have seen so many signs for Justice in peoples yards. Since this ruling of death has been overturned, I say that they should leave the signs up for a while. And put a ribbon on them. Honoring him and showing the family they are still supported. May you all find peace.

  • mouth wide open

    19yr old with a gun! handgun at that… stupidity gets stupid results.. let this be a lesson young kids never point a gun at anything u dont intend to kill.. even your self..

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