Black Friday Shoppers Already Lining Up for Deals

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CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio - A week and a half before 'Black Friday' and campers are already lining up outside the Best Buy on Howe Road to get their hands on the best of the bargains.

Jonas Allooh is the first in line, putting up his tent at 5 p.m. on Monday.

He said this is the third year for him, although he has a friend who has been staking claim to a place in line for the past seven years.

Inside their tent are all of the comforts of home: a bed, a microwave, a television and most importantly heaters.

"It's cold; it's windy, and sometimes it rains and snows, so you have to be careful and make sure you stay warm." said Allooh.

Next door to him is another long-time Black Friday camper, Tony Avitar, who has made it a tradition for the past eleven years.

"I think it was the second year I did it; nobody had the bright idea of camping out in tents. So, we just did sleeping bags on the sidewalk, and it was freezing rain for sixteen hours," said Avitar.

Both have friends and family who take turns staying there in shifts, including Tony's parents.

"He had to go take a shower so we're here filling in for him until he gets back," said his mother Janet Regic, who cooks for her son, and actually waited in line last year in a wheelchair.

"I wanted to stop three or four years ago, and my kids make me do it because they like coming down. We usually have Thanksgiving dinner brought to the tent, so we'll have a full spread in the tent, and it's kind of my time with them," said Avitar.

The campers said they already know what bargains they hope to get including tablets, laptops, and big screen television sets.

The store has not yet even published its entire Black Friday bargain list.

"We call it controlled chaos," said Manny Rodriguez, the store manager who has come to know the regular campers like family.

"We're going to control it to make sure our customers are safe but also have fun," said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez welcomes the campers, saying the deals they will get are worth the wait.

He explained that there will be storewide bargains throughout Black Friday, and plenty of merchandise in stock for anyone not willing to stay in line.

Those in line know there are people who are not bashful about offering their thoughts.

"I think they are crazy," said Lisa Hutchinson of Aurora, adding "It's not even Thanksgiving and people are already out here sitting in their tents."

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  • HelloLady

    Who are these people? Do they not have jobs! Do they live off their elderly parents? Just don’t see the logic.

    • Rod

      Jonas is going to be doctor. Just graduated college. Has some free time before he officially starts. Definitely not a loser.

  • Chris Probst

    It is people like this that make it miserable on people like us that work in retail, people who have been forced to work on Thanksgiving instead of being able to be with their families. To all of you waiting in line for these so called “deals,” you’re greed only fuels the greed the the billionaire owners of these corporations, and the innocent people that work to survive have to pay for this stupidity. Thanks for nothing!!

    • Terri

      I don’t like the idea of tents only because I think it’s dangerous for the people in the tent. This is not a protected camp ground. I don’t think it’s safe at all. As far as people working on holidays, well, my mother-in-law worked every holiday as an aide at our local hospital for her entire career. Although I don’t think it is necessary to have stores open on holidays, I’m sure you were well aware that the store you work at is open on holidays before you accepted the job.

    • Steve Louden

      Well said, and I feel deeply for you, Chris. I’m no longer patronizing the stores that make their employees work on Thanksgiving day, simply because of what you have so rightly pointed out. We have a disease in America called greed and stupidity, and it plagues both the retailer and the greedy, selfish customer. I hoped I’d never see this happen to America, but sadly it has.

      • Olivia M.

        I completely agree with you, Steve. No discount is worth losing time with friends and family. And then you hear about people getting trampled and hurt because others are running to get discounted towels or a blender. Greed is a huge problem in this country.

  • jacklyn lauren

    These people do have jobs Tony Avatar is a Professional Soundman runs sound for bands and travels all over the world with Firehouse and other bands he is home for the holidays now and its a family tradition for him and his kids and girl friend and mom so yes just don’t judge a picture by not knowing the person or persons who do this. Its become a Holiday tradition for many who do it remember those so many have forgotten. I wish people would stop leaving rude comments about people they don’t know or have never met. Many people have jobs but flexible schedules like season work etc. Have fun Avatar family !!!

    • Steve Louden

      When a “family tradition” takes away from another human being, it’s time for you to find another “family tradition”.

      • Kelly Kervin (@SLMom_Open)

        The problem with your comment is that you assume Best Buys is only opening for these two men. They never said they wouldn’t stay out 11 days, versus 10. If Best Buys opened up at 4 AM Friday Morning like the good ole days, I’m sure they’d still be there.

        You can not blame the shopper’s for the choice of the retailers. When you open, people will come…doesn’t really matter when.

    • Ashley

      I totally agree. This will be the 3rd year I have done this and it is fun fire me and my family and friends. I have a job and don’t appreciate all If the rude comments from people. I wish they would mind there own business. If you don’t like what we do you don’t have to do it.

  • fintactivist

    I know many people that would gladly work on a holiday to make time and half so they would have more money to support their family with. We’re one of those low-income (under the federal poverty line) families. Don’t want to work? Let us know, we’ll surely take your job so that we can have that extra money to support our family with. Be grateful you even have a job. There are so many people still looking for work…

  • Carol Marie

    Isn’t there some kind of city ordinance against this!? Crazy. Why don’t they set it up and then go home, lol? It’s also not really fair. It would be funny if people just walked right past them right before the store opens. haha

  • Polly Gesch

    There is nothing in the world that would get me out there now or on thanksgiving. You people need to get a life.

  • Fillup

    So this is what America has come to where is is more important to have Thanksgiving dinner in a tent with your family so that you can get that “deal”. Where I am from, this is America and we show that we are thankful by having a nice dinner with the family in our dining room, not a tent that you are waiting on to get a deal. ‘MERICA

  • Mike Gee

    Those people are camping because they want to. I camp out because I resell everything where I make a decent profit! You may call me a loser but I call it a side job done once every year. Everyone else camps out for Jordans, new iphone, new galaxy, new PS4 new Xbox1..

  • Brian

    In most municipalities it is illegal to “camp” overnight. Is that not the case here?

    I agree with the others … What do (or don’t) these people do for a living?
    Sure wish I could hangout in front of a store for a week to buy stuff that I can’t afford. LOL

  • Joe

    More people waiting in line for stuff they can’t afford and definitely do not need. Its losers like this that make more and more retailers open on Thanksgiving day. The sad truth is most people complain about the stores being open but roughly 38% of the population will be out shopping on Thanksgiving day. Totally pathetic.

  • Greg

    Do the stores even think of the liability of having customers camp with gasoline powered generators and propane gas grills?

  • Hachacha

    No really, these people are losers if they can’t calculate opportunity costs. I cannot believe that these retailers actually let customers camp out in front of their building which we all know that if any of them sustain any frostbite or injuries they will hastily sue these retailers for damages. Also, can these campers also not calculate that $100 over 5 days of sitting out in the cold equals 83 cents an hour. Is your time not worth more than 83 cents an hour?? And it is a travesty that people who work in retail (and yes they know when they apply that they will get a less than ideal work schedule regarding family time) are forced to to get more and more hours which should be considered holy taken away from them for the all mighty dollar. I’m sure very few of the people working in those retail chains have many other options in this depressed economy. LAME!

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