McDonald’s New Order: A Third Drive-Thru Window

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( — It looks like two drive-thru windows are not enough to keep burgers and fries at McDonald’s coming in an orderly fashion. The fast-food restaurant announced it will add a third.

Called the Fast Forward Drive-Thru, the new feature is designed to help usher those waiting in line along and ensure that the flow of customers moves as it should.

Lisa McComb, director of McDonald’s U.S. media relations, told HLN that customer response to the additional drive-thru has been positive and that it will be added to new and rebuilt locations starting in 2014.

McComb said in a statement, “It enables customers to pull forward to receive their orders at a third window when their order is not yet ready. This test, along with other recent additions like double-lane and side-by-side drive-thrus, will enable us to better serve more customers quickly …”

Lesson learned: Don’t stand between someone and a Big Mac.

By Colette Bennett,



  • kathy holman-transue

    All the McDonalds around here already have 2 windows but DO NOT use them. I think it gets too confusing for them. When the latest one opened I went through to get my usual coffee and it was ridiculous! The teller ask for 2 different amounts before she finally got mine correct. I think two windows are one too many already.

    • Carl Ricco

      I know why….. Because parents are incompetent in taking care of their children, feeding them McDonald’s all the time, thus the kids get fat, McDonald;s got flack from people because people said “McDonald’s is catering to children” when it’s the parents job to make sure the kids eat right. McDonald’s caved to the unnecessary pressure and removed a lot of their ‘Play Places’..

  • Stacie

    i dont think waitin to order is the problem at most fast food joints, you’re still gonna have the same amount of people inside tryin to get it all ready…if u cant get the food out fast enough with one window what makes them think its gonna be able to do it with 3?

  • Robin Goff Leon

    They can open all the lanes and windows they want but until they hire competent workers its not going to go any faster. The one by us everytime I go through the drive through I end up parking and going inside because they have messed up my order.

    • John Slabinski

      It has nothing to do with competent workers. It has to do with greedy business owners looking to make a large profit. I’m not sure if you have ever worked in the food service industry, because if you did, you’d know that one of their biggest concerns is to keep the labor cost low. Therefore, more often than not, fast food restaurants (and pizza shops) are understaffed, which causes workers to take on heavier loads. When this happens, mistakes are bound to be made. Don’t assume incompetence just because your order regularly gets messed up. Actually, given your stance, I’m willing to be that your order purposely gets messed up due to your attitude when dealing with these workers.

  • JOHN


  • Jeff Krestel

    McDonald’s NEEDS 3 windows! But for different reasons: First window to pay; second window to pick up your order, and third to FIX what they screwed up!

  • bob

    That third window is so they don’t have to come outside after they park you. It keeps the drive thru time down. It doest save you time but they can clear the computer so they look better.

  • mason

    Adding a third window is only a marketing scheme. They don’t care about the customer, only the money. This extra window plan is to get more people in and out so they can pull in more cash. As an American minority ( as in not obese) i say skip that fat filling garbage, get your lumpy rump up and buy some healthier foods. Fyi you can save a lot more money meant for food, then being lazy and fat and roll into McCraps

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