Cut Concerns: Perry Village Cutting 24/7 Police Presence

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PERRY VILLAGE, Ohio-- A Lake County community facing a budget deficit isn't waiting until the first of the year to make cuts. 24/7 police protection is being discontinued in Perry Village.

A sole officer was on the road Sunday as Perry Police Department began its reduced patrols.

Faced with a $240,000 operating budget deficit, Perry Village Council approved eliminating 16 police patrol hours a week.

"It bothers me tremendously,” resident Jim Watson said. “And, it definitely will affect the safety of our homes, ourselves and our children."

A November 5 defeat of an income tax increase and passage of an income tax credit for residents that work outside of Perry created the village budget deficit.

Discontinuing 24/7 police coverage will likely mean reducing the hours of part-time police officers.

Longtime resident Ron Burkholder said less police protection reduces one’s sense of security. “To know that if we need help, it's just a phone call away and just a few minutes away --rather than ten or 15 minutes or more," he said.

As part of another cost-cutting measure, village officials decided to close Lee Lydic Park indefinitely. That puts youth sports programs in jeopardy. "They have some ball diamonds down there. It's used by the local residents either walking or running. And, I’m a runner, so yes, I go through there. So, we're not going to be able to use it. Yeah, we're going to miss it," Watson added.

Perry Village officials will likely put the income tax increase issue on the May ballot.  But, that might mean that other village services would need to be cut before the middle of next year. "It’s a long time and it's a tough sell," Burkholder added.


  • george johnston

    What a joke. The public employee unions and city officials refuse to allow employees to take a modest pay cut or increase pension contributions but rather stare tax payers by threatening police layoffs. So old tactic. Get rid of the greedy unions and we can afford these services. No, the union says no. Give us what we want or your grandma will be kidnapped and your kids will have to talk to school in the cold. Somebody should stand up to these thieving unions.

  • Mike

    George, you’re sorely mistaken. Perry Village does not have ANY union employees! Once again it’s someone who has an uninformed opion spouting off thinking he/she knows what they’re talking about and spreading lies/untruths. Anyone who wants to can do the research in 2 minutes. You just choose to be even too lazy for that!

  • Anthony

    This is the reason why Perry Village should combine with North Perry and Perry Twp. We only need one Perry. This will eliminate the Sherrif and North Perry Police. We could have one Police department.

  • Nick S.

    The Perry community needs to be more focused on the building a stronger community for their children. I agree with Anthony. If Perry was combined, this would eliminate multiple goverments, and save money. All of the kids in Perry all go to the same school, and play in the same sports programs. There is no beneift in having a Village, North Perry, and Perry Twp fending for themselves. If these Good old boys had any common sense, the would unite in order to build a strong, smart and efficient community for the people. There needs to be some changes! Get rid of some of these people who collect mutliple paychecks and plow fields on the tax payers dime. Out with the old and in with the new…

  • Judo Chop

    Are you out of your mind Anthony and Nick S? Wally and “The Good-Ole” Boys Club” will be running everything then!

    At least Haskell was finally voted out which is is a HUGE start to ending the Monarchy in Perry.

  • Jimmy Jinglesit

    Cheif “Schenk” had a great plan for Perry Twp’s police package, and was shut down by the Township due to ignorance. These so called Good Ole boyes need to go. 1 down too many to go.

  • John

    Seems to me the mayor and the Village Board are taking lessons from the federal government. Take away things that impact the most people and not necessarily what would save the most money. I call it the 2 year old effect… sort of like throwing a temper tantrum.

    My question is how much money is the village going to save by closing a park down in the winter? Last I knew, the tax payers purchased that park. Also, I have heard that the village purchased a $11 – 15k zero turn mower for that park. Does that mean they will be selling this mower and why wasn’t some other arrangement looked for to maintain that property?

    • Mike

      John, I’m sure you are simply going by what you have “heard”. Problem is, you should be basing your decision on what you “researched”. The park mower was purchased for $2,200 but was later returned for a full refund. I guess I can’t blame you too much as there seems to be alot of misinformation going around right now and some are blindly following because that’s easier than getting the facts. This was about as bad as George’s statement about all of those Perry union members even though there in not a single employee in Perry Village government that belongs to a union. Pathetic!!!

      • John

        Okay, so the mower was returned. That’s good. Why was the park closed though? How much is a closed park going to save the village in the winter? Are there large expenses that we will incur in the winter? This just seems to me just like what the federal government tried to do… make it as painful for the taxpayers as possible vs finding ways that will really reduce the spending.

        I get that we need to make cuts, and I am okay with that if we are making cuts that make sense. Closing a park when it is winter I just don’t see saving the village anything. If there is real savings to be had for the tax payers by doing this, then please explain what they are. I will admit if I am wrong.

      • Lee

        I guess if they would publish the meeting minutes, we would really know what is happening.

        Also, you make note of George above stating that we need to eliminate the unions, and you state that their are no unions in Perry. Really… are you telling me that the Police and Fire are not in the union?

  • Wally

    First of all there is no way that mower only cost 2200.00. I have seen it and I can tell you from first hand experience that it is worth more than that.If it was returned, where is it? I would like to buy it for 2200.00 Also, wasn’t there a douuble dipper getting a paycheck for cutting that grass? Don’t tell me he wasn’t because I know he was. Make one Perry as stated in previous comments. I don’t care if you have 10 generations living in Perry and you think you are entitled to a having one of these positions. This is a duplication of efforts and a waste of the communities monies. There needs to be some changes here quickly now that everyone knows that there will be less Police protection for the Village. Fire all of them, and let a younger more educated person combine Perry.
    On a side note, didn’t they just waste everyones time by renaming that park? What a slap in a face to the person they named it after.

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