Suspects Go to Great Lengths to Hide Drug Stash

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MONTVILLE, OH — During two recent traffic stops, Montville police got a good look at the great lengths drug users are going through to hide their stash.

According to Montville police, during one traffic stop, officers found two small baggies of meth inside a tubular Tootsie Roll container. Police say the suspect attempted to disguise the meth by making it look similar to the rest of the Tootsie Rolls in the container.

In another stop, officers say the suspect hid his high-grade marijuana in a hollowed out can of WD-40.


  • Thomas Misney

    You can buy these online or in a head shop, this is not new, I actually own one that is a Coke can. I use it to hide my stash from my Wife.

    Jackie – this is not amazing, this is a cop who smokes weed… It does look like the bag was pinched before these pics were took.
    I am sure the cop shoved their way into a vehicle search, as they often do. Just make sure you know the statement, “Am I free to go?” If for any reason the answer is anything other than “Yes” then you do not consent or say anything. Take that as advice from a legal professional.

    • jeremy

      You are throwing around some mighty strong allegations with absolutely no proof. How do you know if a K9 wasn’t used? A cop that smokes weed? Bro I happen to know 98% of the GCSO deputies and can tell you, that statement is not only a pile of BS its borderline slander. The bag was pinched? Please tell me how the hell you know that from a single picture without even knowing how much was there in the first place? Yeah you can deny consent but then one of two things WILL happen:1. they will tell you “well I smell it anyway step out of the vehicle” 2. They will hold your vehicle as evidence. As in tow your vehicle to impound, hold it there while they get a judge to sign or a warrant, or hold you and your vehicle there while they get the K9 to search it. Also if they tow your vehicle (which is totally legal via the ORC look it up) YOU are responsible for all costs even if they dont find anything. You want to smoke up, I personally dont have a problem with that, you should be free to do so, however its simple…dont freaking transport it. Then you don’t have to worry about any of this shit. Keep it in the privacy of your own home dont drive around with it or that kind of dumb shit. Most of all DO NOT smoke and drive, yes it does impair your driving, and yes it does put other drivers on the road at risk. Same as drinking and driving, texting and driving, talking on the phone and driving, all that stuff.

      Know what you’re talking about before handing out “legal advice” as a “professional”

      Take it from a REAL professional folks, if you chose to indulge in the herbal remedies of life, keep it in your home. Its a lot harder to get PC to search a private dwelling than a vehicle, there’s a lot more hiding places, ways to ditch it, and youre not endangering the motorists around you…most of all DO NOT RUN and do NOT try to play armchair lawyer, you WILL loose 99.9% of the time. Cops arent just trolling around for the heck of it they know what they are doing and what to expect. If you dont give them a reason to screw with you…they wont.

      • scotty b

        oh yeah they don’t troll? The side of the cruisers say “To Protect and To Serve” not “To Harrass and TO Provoke” Most of what they do is try to play “tuff guy” and mace and taze old ladies and skateboarders, every cop that ever pulled me over way overreacted…. how bout they dont be rude to people and then they might be respected again.. its a lot of responsibility to take someones freedom away and most of these jokers that get hired are not put through nearly enough before they get the job

        I called Eastside police because a woman was being beat in a car down the street from where we work, we were on the roof so we had to call…. 45 mins later the cops came, and the car was gone…
        Hard for me to respect these people

      • Thomas Misney

        Spray your tires with fox urine, it disrupts the K9’s ability to smell.
        This will prevent them from getting the K9 to give a positive signal, you over ride their training with their instincts, that you can go look up Mr. Policeman.

        Please be aware of police propaganda when you see it, there are less of them than there are of us. They will try to make sure they are able to intimidate, bully and harass us. They do this with this above statement, by making you think they are superior, more than what we can handle.

        This person was not stoned driving around, they had their stash tucked away.

        And there are more prescription impaired drivers on the road at any given time and all the other impairments (marijuana/alcohol/illegal prescription) combined.

        Stop trying to brainwash us, we the people wised up after Gobels and his gang did it.

    • john Smith

      So you’re a legal professional who hides his pot from his wife in a fake pop can? If anyone reads this guys comment please don’t take him seriously. Everything you just told these people is completely fake. I hope no one listens to you for their sake.

    • Joanne G

      How about just not using drugs……..then they can search all they want! Drugs, legal and otherwise are ruining the youth of today!

      • Kevin

        great statement Joanne, however we should also make Alcohol illegal, due to there are more incidents involving drunk driving related accidents than there are with marijuana. and the penalty is also stupid. how come a drunk driver can be out of jail and still keep there license even after more than one offense but a person that has marijuana get the maximum sentence, not too fair.
        personally i would rather smoke weed than drink and drive and possibly hurt or kill someone..

  • HypherDayz

    I’m just baffled at the fact that some kid hiding his stash is probably in jail right now. Not to mention this is the opposite of good. I feel bad for this guy. He had maybe a quarter on him and for those of you that don’t know that’s about 7 grams. This is hardly the crime that our police officers should be busting. I guarantee you at least 10 higher level criminals went though this same traffic stop and the kid with a few grams off weed trying to have a safe and good night now has his life ruined because of a stupid marijuana charge. Makes me sick and glad that I live in a educated state(Washington) where we accept facts and reject propoganda spread by an impressionistic government.

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