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Pay It Forward: Love for a Landlord

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The relationship between a landlord and his/her tenants can sometimes be difficult.

But, that's not the case at a senior apartment complex in Lake County. Residents there love their manager.

It's time to give $500 to an unsung hero.

We do this in partnership with ‘The Word Church.’

Watch Wayne Dawson's report above.

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  • Chris Ritter

    What a bunch of B.S. this woman is a hateful woman, screaming at tenants & telling them to shut the “F” up, I’m the boss here. She never paid for a meal, it was Snider & Company that furnished the meals. She chased the tenants off who use to do the holiday meals by being such a mean & hateful woman.

    Double check your stories before you “honor” someone.

    • christine ramsey

      I agree Chris Ritter. I have heard horror stories about bullying and divulging personal information. It is my understanding the residents give donations for their monthly dinner get togethers. Fox 8 and the Word Church has been duped.

  • Cathy G

    She intimidates the seniors if they complain about anything. She even told one poor older woman that her daughter wasn’t allowed to visit anymore because of something she had heard about her. The poor woman was dying but too afraid to complain to the owner’s of the apartments for fear she would be evicted, which is what Kathy told her. She gets off being in charge and bullying people.

  • Nancy K

    Not good PR for “The Word Church”….the landlord’s actions do not coincide with Christian values. The facts given by Chris are absolutely accurate. It is unfortunate the she was rewarded $500 for her poor treatment of the seniors at Madison Place. In addition, the landlord lives there for free and receives a paycheck for her duties there! Too bad the money didn’t go to someone more deserving!!!

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