Woman Shares Story of Survival After Rape, Torture

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(Warning: some of the details of this story are graphic.)

LORAIN, Ohio-- "He was going to kill me," said Christine Green, 31, of Lorain.

But instead, Green is a survivor who managed to escape her alleged abductor after being bound, gagged, tortured, and raped for hours.

FOX 8 does not usually identify rape victims, but Green-- who didn't want her face shown-- wanted her name used so she could share her story of survival with us.

"I was walking down to the store. This guy shows up and is driving beside me," said Green.

Green says back on November 1, she was abducted by Brian Jury, 38, of Bellevue while walking along 19th Street in Lorain.

"I tried to get out of his car. It was locked. I couldn't get out. And then he put a gun to my head," said Green.

Green says Jury drove miles to his camper in the middle of the woods.

"After that, he put them zip ties on my hands and legs. Then he taped me all together. I couldn't move. I was sitting there thinking about my kids, my family, my fiancé," cried Green.

Once inside the camper, she says Jury raped and tortured her for hours.

Then after gagging her with toilet paper and duct tape, she says he left her naked and helpless on the floor.

"So I fell on my side. And then I decided to scooch myself over to the front door. He had a suitcase and toolbox blocking the door. So, I took my head and tried to move it out of the way," said Green.

But instead of giving up, Green kept fighting.

She continued to bang her head on the suitcase until it moved and then banged her head on the door until it opened.

"I went flying out. And it felt like bones were just breaking in my body because of how I hit the ground. And then I had to roll up this hill. It was all gravel," said Green.

Green rolled almost fifty feet towards freedom, every inch more painful than the last.

"I finally got up the road, and was laying there and the cars didn't see me. So, I rolled right into the road. And that's when this lady stopped," said Green.

Police arrested Jury hours later that same day.

Jury remains behind bars, facing numerous charges.

As for Green, she continues to heal from the scars of surviving that day.

"I hope he gets life, and tortured as he tortured me," said Green.


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