Tow Company Charges $150 ‘Cursing Fee’

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Photo Credit: KXLN 45 Univision via MGN Online

HUNTSVILLE, AL — A woman’s foul language resulted in an extra $150 after her car was towed from a parking spot.

According to The Huffington Post, Mahogony Grandison was visiting a friend and parked in an illegal spot. Her car was towed away, along with other vehicles.

When it came time to pay up, Grandison was charged $350, while others were charged only $200.

The owner of the towing company says Grandison’s language and behavior crossed a line, so he charged her an extra $150.

While Grandison denies the incident, a police report mentions a verbal argument between Grandison and an employee.

The owner says he is willing to give some of the money back if Grandison makes an agreement and apologizes.

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  • Stephen Jennins

    Places like this go out of business quick, where there is one supporter, there are 10 more haters.
    Guess you should not just add fees when the situation really does not warrant it.

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