Police: Thief Steals 500 Pounds of Used Grease

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WILLOUGHBY, Ohio – Police in Willoughby are on the lookout for an unusual thief.

Someone stole more than 500 lbs of used fryer grease from the Red Robin Restaurant in Willoughby, according to police.

A private company that comes out to empty the outdoor grease bin once a month found the bin already empty on Monday. The locked cap on the outside of the grease bin had been broken off.

The only way to remove the grease would have been to pump it out from the cap on the pipe that leads outside of the building, according to Willoughby Police.

The used grease is commonly converted into diesel fuel.

The estimated value of the loss is around $500.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Willoughby Police Department at 440-953-4212.


    • cj

      Thing is Ricky, it is wrong to take something that does not belong to you. The article states the value was $500.00. I am sure you would not like someone stealing from you.

  • Patrick

    Its an inside job, folks drive around looking for those grease traps. They offer the manager on duty 40 or 50 bucks to take the grease. The manager pockets the money and says I don’t know what happened. That grease is used to make make up as well primarily lipstick and mascara.

  • Darrell Hylton

    one of the employee,s of this greedy corporation paid slave wages probable took it to put in his car to be able to make it to work every day cause after paying rent bills & groceries there’s not enough $ left to pay $4.25 a gallon in gas, while making $7.25 an hour

  • Glenn Martin

    Just to be clear, the grease that is stolen is from the restaurant deep-fryers. It is called waste vegetable oil or WVO. The WVO cannot be reused for cooking. Every restaurant with deep-fryers has a bin out back of the restaurant. Biodiesel Companies pay the restaurant for the WVO. The WVO is dewatered and filtred of debri and turned into biodiesel, make-up and plant growth products.

    Fats, oils and grease (FOG) that go down the sink go into the grease trap. This waste product is brown grease and mainly goes to landfill. We sell a grease recovery device or GRD that takes the FOG from the waste water. The recovred grease is added to the WVO bin. Almost 100% greae recovery. Zero waste. No landfill issues. Clean sewer pipes. see http://www.greasetrap.ca

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