Browns Announce Upgrades to FirstEnergy Stadium

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CLEVELAND -- The Cleveland Browns revealed a two-year modernization project proposed for FirstEnergy Stadium on Wednesday.

During the first year of the project in 2014, the Browns want to install two new video boards, which will be nearly triple the size of the existing boards in each end zone. The plan also calls for LED video boards and a brand new audio system that will deliver clearer audio to fans in the facility.

The first installation of the project also calls for an increase in lower bowl seating for fans and additional escalators at both the north and south end zones.

In 2015, the Browns plan to improve the general admission concession areas and upgrade club seats and suites. The second phase also includes improvements to honor the Browns' history and players.

The Browns say the organization has launched the process of reviewing the proposal with the city. Cleveland Mayor Frank G. Jackson released the following statement Wednesday:

The Cleveland Browns have submitted a plan for improvements to FirstEnergy Stadium. These plans will be reviewed by the Design Review Committee of the Cleveland Planning Commission tomorrow and by the full Planning Commission on Friday, November 15, 2013.

We have reviewed the design and are supportive of the improvements to the facility. The plan meets structural requirements and will improve the fan experience here in Cleveland.

The details of the financing for the $120 million improvement plan are still being discussed.

The Browns recently completed a $5 million, four-month renovation project to the team's training facility in Berea.

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  • Stephen Jennins

    Not sure that the upgrades will ever pay off, might as well sell both the Browns and Cavs for improvements to the roads and infrastructure.

  • ZapTheSheep

    Amen, Stephen! This town wastes too much time and money on sports. We have crumbling infrastructure. We have schools that are falling apart. Instead of improving what we really need, we’re going to get giant TVs and bigger, fancier seats at a stadium that is becoming too costly for most people to attend. Panem et circenses.

  • Darrell Hylton

    let me guess they’re going to tax the smokers & liquor to do these improvements even though you can’t smoke in the stadium JS I say make the Browns players pay for it they sure have plenty of money plus not like their a winning team anyways I say pay the team based up their performance & if they win more & bring in me revenue from fan attendance then yes go ahead with remodeling the stadium instead of forcing people to pay a sin tax on a loosing team if you wanna tax people use the funds to fix the mistake by the lake :)

  • Geoff Watson

    Why should the city pay to make repairs to the stadium when it isn’t broken. Looks to me like they want to upgrade not make repairs. Nothing is broken. If it is broken it is the responsible of the city to help fix it.

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