Rescued Blind and Deaf Poodle Looking For New Home

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PORT CLINTON, Ohio – A blind and deaf Poodle is looking for a new home, after being rescued by an animal sanctuary.

Nana is a stray, who was found by the Westlake Police Department. She was rescued by Island Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary in Port Clinton on Monday, before she was set to be euthanized.

Nana is 10 years old, only has three teeth, and only weighs about eight pounds. When she was found, her ears were filthy, and her nails were curled into the pads of her feet. Rescuers believe she must have had a bad flea infestation, and is missing a lot of hair from her waist down.

Nana was given a medicated bath, and her ears are now clean and trimmed. She is potty trained, and doesn’t like to be in a kennel, which leads some to believe she was cared for at some point. Although, it appears no one was looking for her.

Nana’s rescuers are looking for someone to help with her ongoing care, such as vet visits. It’s unclear when she will be able to be adopted, until she goes to the vet for more medical testing.

“There’s a home out there. It just has to be a special person for a special dog. If not, they stay here for the rest of their life,” said Nancy Benevento-Brown, with the Island Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary.

If you’re interested in helping out Nana, contact the Island Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary.

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  • Shirley Mckeen

    My husband and want nana! We have a poodle we rescued .Tipper lost
    And eye from being hit by a car she also lost teeth.she was full of fleas.She is 13 now and doing great! NaNa would have a good life.Lots of love!

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