Panhandling Problem: Lorain Businesses Take a Stand

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LORAIN, Ohio-- Downtown business owners are working to ward off panhandlers. They believe they’re driving away customers and making the area unsafe.

“People that are in that lifestyle tend to migrate to areas that are depressed. So over the years, it continues to grow and become a greater problem,” said Jon Veard of United Property Management Corporation.

He said he’s seen his fair share of panhandling. He said some will get extremely aggressive and it frightens patrons.

“They’ll stop a woman in their path until she gives them change in her pocket or dollars,” he said.

Veard and others are now working together to find a solution. They just recently started posting signs in storefronts that say, “zero tolerance.” He said they’re supposed to be meant as a warning to panhandlers.

“We could clean up our streets. We could make the downtown safe and desirable, and we can draw business back. It’s a slow process, but it starts off by saying no to the predators,” he said.

Businesses are encouraged to call police if they see any panhandlers. The city does have laws in place banning that kind of activity.


  • Greg Jay

    blame the homeless shelter on this one! They are jobless people that cant go there until 6 in the evening. leaves them on the streets the rest of the day. my son works on 14th and Broadway and sees them leaving in the mornings when they kick them out and they all head down the street for easy picking in the business district.

  • Joe Code stud

    There’re community centers, churches and libraries where they can spend productive time. They can’t stay in the shelter all day.

  • Jim

    Can’t blame the homeless shelter for bums wanting beer and drug money. Some ask for money to buy food, but when I offer to buy them food they don’t want that, they want the money. So, guess why…. There are a lot of minimum wage jobs, and “work today, paid today” jobs, so let their lazy, stinky, bum @$$es go to work and HELP THEMSELVES!!!!!

  • Karen Robinson

    It’s scary when you are a woman alone and they keep badgering for money. I donate money to Goodwill, Salvation Army and my church. I am not handing them drug/booze money. This is why I do not go on Broadway and I have stopped going to the main library as the also group on the corner of W. 6 and Reid and the library parking lot. And you never see librar security outside

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