Husband Claims Wife Being Overworked Led to Her Death

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CINCINNATI, Ohio– A husband in Cincinnati says his wife was overworked on the job and that led to her death, according to WLWT.

His wife, Beth Jasper, died in a car crash after falling asleep at the wheel following a 12-hour shift. She worked as a nurse at a hospital.

WLWT reports that Jim Jasper and his family are now suing his wife’s employer, Mercy Health, claiming exhausting hours due to nursing cuts and stress on the job led to her death.

A statement from Mercy Hospital to WLWT says, “Our hearts go out to the family. We do not comment on pending litigation.”

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  • Joshua

    The government worries more about the hours that semi drivers are behind the wheel then the people that we rely on to administer drugs and do surgeries

  • tre

    She should have found a ride home instead of driving. How is this any different than he staying up 12 hours at home and then falling asleep at the wheel. She made a bad choice, with unfortunate consequences. The hospital is not at fault, you can’t blame someone else for your lapse in judgement.

    • rainey

      Unfortunately you never know when you may fall asleep at the wheel and after work, fatigue hits us all differently. We don’t know all the facts….lunch, breaks, load of patients, what shift and how many days working 12 hrs, we are all human and require sleep. I work 3 /12 at night, in a hospital and just bought a house closer to my work just because of this reason.Very unfortunate and prayers to the family.

  • Kathy

    I do believe she was overworked as many people who work in the healthcare field are – and I also think that her employer should be held somewhat accountable for this tragic acident; however they are not entirely at fault. This is a sad story, and my heart goes out to her family at this difficult time.

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