City Sends ‘Panhandler Advisory’

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(Courtesy: MGN Online)

WADSWORTH, Ohio — The Wadsworth Police Department issued a code of conduct of sorts on interactions with panhandlers.

It alerted residents that it recently received several calls about panhandlers, mainly in the north end.

No serious issues were reported.  The men and women were just described as a nuisance.

Panhandling was expected to increase closer to the holidays, so the police recommended taking the following steps if and when you are approached by a panhandler:

  • Consider your own safety
  • Remain polite and provide a response (i.e. “No, but have a good day,” or, “I’m sorry.”
  • Get to a safe place (return to the store or if the person is not near you, get in your car and lock the doors)
  • Call the police and describe the panhandlers and their vehicles


Officers will be dispatched to investigate these reports.

The Wadsworth Police Department also reminded people it is not illegal to voluntarily give another person money, but said some of the panhandlers used the same story (i.e. in need of money for gas) in various spots in the city and surrounding communities.

Roadside panhandlers are allowed to solicit money as along as they are not on private property and do not enter the roadway.


  • annieball

    cracks me up, there is a guy who sits on curb by KMart in Tallmadge with a please help sign, funny part, he is half a block from 2 help wanted signs.

    • Tom

      I c it all the time the bad thing is I actually handed
      Out app’s and they freaked out on me bad I’m not saying all
      But most of them are f n lazy after I seen how they freaked
      Out after I did that crazy

  • Joe Code stud

    There’s a panhandler on a wheelchair near Tower City. One day another panhandler infringed on his territory and the wheelchair guy stood up and chased him to best him up. I saw another guy bring a wheelchair down east 2/Euclid and get on it to panhandle by tower city.

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