3 Dead, Dozens Sick After Taking ‘Bad Batch’ of Heroin

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LORAIN COUNTY-- Three people are dead and nearly two dozen more had to go to the hospital after they took a potent form of heroin over the weekend.

One person is under arrest and police say it’s a growing problem that seems to only be getting worse.

Lorain police say there were 21 heroin overdoses across Lorain County over the weekend. Two people died in the county; another died at a hospital in Cuyahoga County. The county coroner says it is the highest number of overdoses he’s ever seen.

"This weekend apparently there was a bad batch of heroin and we had 16 overdoses just in a 24-hour period in Lorain County," said Lorain County Coroner Stephen Evans.

According to police, the number of heroin overdoses had jumped to 21 across the county by Monday afternoon.

Three people died, including a 21-year-old man from Amherst and a 32-year-old woman from Elyria.

"We think that it may be laced with something like Fentanyl. Fentanyl is a strong narcotic that can be lethal if taken in the same doses that you take heroin," said Dr. Evans.

On Sunday, officers in Elyria arrested Siarerres Noble, also known as Sizzle, on Brunswick Drive in Elyria. He was charged with three counts of trafficking in drugs.

They say they caught him with 75 grams of a potent heroin drug mix nicknamed "China White," worth about $10,000 on the street. It's said to be four to five times stronger than heroin.

"There are so many people I know that are out here on heroin and it's a killer. It's a killer," said a former drug addict who did not want to be identified.

She says she's a former cocaine addict, who has tried heroin and has many friends who still use it.

"It's kind of a pain reliever and as people do it, more and more you need it every day and you get sick. You can't get out of bed; you can't function; you get cold sweats; you have to have it daily. It's a daily drug. You have to have it," said the woman.

The county coroner says more people may have died over the weekend, but Lorain police are part of a pilot program to give heroin users a neutralizing drug called Narcan.  He also says some people who cannot get prescription pain medicine, turn to heroin.

"We had a huge population in the United States that were taking narcotic pain pills. As those are being dried up, the people are switching to heroin because it's on the streets.  It's cheap and it's readily available," Dr. Evans said.

"It's with any drug, you never know what you're gonna get. You never know what people cut it with," said the woman.

Detectives are still waiting for lab results to confirm exactly what the susbstance is.  Although Lorain police tell FOX 8 that even though it’s being sold as heroin, field tests do not test positive for the drug.

Noble is being held in the Lorain County jail without bond.

The joint investigation is being conducted by the Elyria Police Department’s narcotics unit, Lorain police and the Lorain County Drug Task Force.


  • steel city

    Sad to see this happen in my own city. Never heard of anyone overdosing on weed but its still illegal even tho marijuana has good effects to cancer patients and people with depression. If marijuana was legal everywhere in the US there would be less people doin other stuff. Im just saying.

    • scott swea

      where is your proof of that that is the dumbest thing , so your telling me if marijuana was legal then herion addicts would stop and go to mary j wow!!! please set down the pipe

  • debbie

    well no offense but, the people who really need the pain meds that are being cut off what do u expect them 2 do?….people suffer from pain everyday somewhere, i know i’m 1 of them and i fight everyday . they need to give back the people that really need the pain meds or u will continue 2 see more deaths n people being on herion n meth or something that relieves there pain….it’s wrong to have someone on meds that really need them n take them away,,, what do u really expect them to 2?

    • scott swea

      Most of the people dont need pain meds they get addicted to them thats why we have fake diagnosis of fibromyalgia, adhd and such ive noticed most pain management patients are overweight hmmm i bet if they lost weight their legs wouldnt hurt, pain management oatients are a joke and the worse patients to deal with

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