Husband Uses Taser On Wife Over Football Bet

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*WARNING. This video may be considered disturbing to some viewers.*

MAYVILLE, WI -- A man is facing charges after using a Taser on his wife over a football bet.

According to the Chicago Tribune, John Grant and his wife watched as the Bears beat the Packers on Monday Night. Grant told police that he and his wife made a bet; he could use a Taser on her if the Bears won.

According to a criminal complaint, Grant used the Taser "two times on her buttocks." Grant's wife then called police, saying she had not given consent for anyone to use a Taser.

Police investigated the incident, which was recorded on her cell phone, and say she was seen "laughing and it seemed apparent that Ms. Grant had consented," according to the arresting officer.

John Grant was charged with felony possession of an electric weapon.

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