Customers Evacuated After Fire Inside Kmart

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BROOKLYN, OH — Customers were evacuated after a fire inside a Kmart Saturday afternoon.

According to the Brooklyn Fire Department, the call came in around 2:50 p.m.

Fire officials say clothing on racks outside the store caught fire, along with the book bags and shoulder bags in a box.

Smoke could be seen coming out of the front entrance.

Both police and fire crews responded to the scene. The fire was out ten minutes after arrival.

No one was injured.


  • Joe Code stud

    That tells a lot about how something do big can go unnoticed in a very large store. Every time I go, I can only see two floor aides in the entire store and one cashier open. One tip: teenagers. Ban them.

      • Joe Code stud

        Why do you think you’ll see the swat team and antigang units every afternoon outside tower city and public square? That’s right – teenagers. Have you seen Parmatown Mall now? yep -teenagers. How about Strongsville Mall? You guessed it – teenagers. Did you go to the festivals on Coventry and Little Italy the last few years? Ok let me stop now since my typewriter is running out of ink ribbon.

      • hi

        Just because the store was on fire does not mean a teenager did it so your comment is highly invalid when anyone or anything can cause it plus there are many good and bad people in the world of all ages.

  • Chris Wesley

    the only real proof there is with these pictures is that there is something liquid and flammable at the front entrance. the way the flames are on the ground and the fire peaking out the door. hope they were able to save the video feed since I don’t think the fire reached the video room.

  • Chris Wesley

    and Erica, I knew a 50 yr old man that hung out with teens and taught them to be a menace by example. so sad the few in this world that live for shit like this. haven’t we learned anything. anybody from any group or race or any age or anything of the sort is capable of doing something like this. o wait, do you think it could have been bad wiring since so much electricity run through that building and so much more when you are decorating for holidays. or a small and I mean very small that is could be a robbery. maybe if the bank truck was there then I wouldn’t rule out a robbery. but we will see

    • Nannette Rodriguez

      Concerned Traveler, I was thinking of the same thing because of the early and having Kmart open what? 41 hours straight. I think it was an employee not wanting to have to come in or upset. But we cannot judge until this thing is investigated.

  • John

    I was on site at the store, and it was not the store on fire but the clothes racks they had outside on clearance. The fire you see on the ground was the clothes that were on the racks but fell when the burned. High winds make it look worse than it was. Just speculating but it probably was a careless smoker….

  • nelson

    The peoples going in and out at the Kmart around 2:50 pm can’t see the clothes on fire? 3 options: the bad guy use a spray with a flammable liquid, set the clothes one by one with a lighter, or the people walking in and out the store are blind.

  • Teresa

    Why don’t we show more concern for the safety of the people in the building. Thankfully no one was hurt. My daughter and brother are both working there when this happened.

  • yep that is me

    How about all the dumb people just standing around outside watching, instead of trying to get away from the BURNING things. How do they know something was not about to explode?

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