Man Walks Across Country with Goat

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Kansas City (KCTV) — Steve Wescott, of Seattle, and his goat, Leroy, are on their way to Times Square in New York City.

Their mission is to raise money for a Christian orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya.

“He’s the reason anybody talks to me, and I’m OK with that,” Wescott said of the goat as he made his way through Kansas City on Wednesday.

Wescott and a friend are teaching and caring for 34 children at the orphanage, and while the friend stays in Africa, Wescott is walking across America to spread the word and raise money. He said he chose to walk with a goat because he’s from the city and doesn’t know much about animals. He said goats are pack animals and make good companions.

“It’s not meant to be a gimmick, it’s not supposed to be a gimmick. He’s a pack animal, he’s supposed to be my friend, you know. He doesn’t talk, but he starts more conversations than anybody I know,” Wescott said.

People call Wescott “the goat guy.”

He’s hoping to raise $200,000 to continue helping the children at the orphanage and start a farm so the kids and their families can be self-sufficient.

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(By Laura McCallister)

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