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Happy Halloween!

It’s going to be wet and windy one and some cities have postponed their trick or treat event.

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With that in mind, we’re talking about trick-or-treating on Fox 8 News in the Morning.

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  • Tracy Koch

    I work 2nd shift. I’ve missed 3 yrs of trick or treat with my kids. I’d love for trick or treat to be on the weekend.

  • Lynn Hooper

    Halloween is on the 31st of October! It isn’t the following Saturday night or the following weekend that doesn’t include rain in the forecast. Are we so self-involved that we can’t find it within ourselves to have a celebration that isn’t tailored to our schedules? Oh wait! I forgot some of us even schedule the birth of our children for our own convenience by planning C-sections.

  • consuelo

    Halloween is Halloween….trick or treat should be held on halloween day! If it rains… rains! Deal with it! Life is not all roses… need to learn this early. We live in Northeast Ohio……weather is never going to be perfect!

  • Sarah

    I love when Trick or Treat is on Halloween, that is the way it should be. But in the case of heavy rain it is in the best interest of the children since it does get darker sooner and as I have noticed in past years some of the idiot drivers do not pay attention. Plus on a bright note most stores put Halloween candy 1/2 off the day after ;) Norwalk, Ohio has moved their Trick or Treat night from tonight to Saturday :( So hopefully we get the storms they say we are getting.

  • wendy

    This country is getting wimpy, cmon, When we were kids, we did not let rain or snow stop us. It is all a part of the experience. Quit coddling kids,quit making then wimps.

  • Ron Becker

    Trick or treat does not have to be on Halloween. Even 50 years ago in Wayne County where I grew up, “Beggars night” was on the closest Friday or Saturday evening rather than exactly on the 31st.

  • ben

    Trick or treat does not have to be on Halloween. Even 50 years ago in Wayne County where I grew up, “Beggars night” was on the closest Friday or Saturday evening rather than exactly on the 31st

  • Lillian

    What’s the difference between the the 31st,the 1st or the 2nd. Kids would wear there costume and get free candy …

  • april

    we never recuchel Halloween in all my life rather it rain or cold almost 40 we always did everyyear on Halloween and I live in saint Louis

  • brooke

    I can see having it changed as for the children its safer as I noticed last night while trick or treating in my parents neighbor hood A LOT of children were not supervised by an adult and I some of the kids I saw with an adult almost got hit cause they decided to cross the road while a car was coming(some parents don’t enjoy spending time with there kids like they use too, its sad) and since most towns made it for Friday night well now that means parents and the community will have to choose to hand out candy or go trick or treating or go to the football games(and this Friday night its almost all high school teams last games). just looks like a no win situation and just hope everyone gets to enjoy it for their children!!!

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